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Ronaldo lost, Messi terrible 29 goals / 28 games – football 24 hours

Thursday, 29/11/2018 05:47 (GMT + 7)

Messi overcomes Ronaldo's opponent in the Champions League final when he continues his third consecutive performances.

Barcelona won 2: 1 in PSV in the fifth round Champions League. Coach Valverde must thank God of luck and "guardian angel" by Messi. The Argentine superstar shines in time with an excellent 61st minute match.

Champions League Super Cup: Ronaldo lost, Messi terrible 29 goals / 28 games - 1

Messi has 29 goals in the last 28 matches in the Champions League

This goal helped Messi continue in 13 consecutive seasons with at least 15 goals for Barcelona (in each arena). This is also Messi's sixth goal in the Champions League this year. At present, the Argentine superstar leads a "recorder" list with Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Munich.

While Messi is constantly "shooting" in the most prestigious European arena, Ronaldo's rivals are "silent". The Portuguese star has achieved goals in the C1 in this season and is "furious" in the closest pit despite Tectonics.

Ronaldo moves to the "bird" position instead of the main point? The answer is no. CR7 is still ranked second in the list of the most advanced player in the tournament (20 times). In the match with Valencia, the Portuguese superstar started nine wounds, but could not have been a success at all.

Champions League Finals: Ronaldo lost, Messi scored 29 goals / 28 games - 2

Ronaldo continued to disappoint when he failed to break the Valencia network

Meanwhile, Messi has good results. The Argentine striker scored six goals in just 18 shots, averaging three times M10 found the net. This is the second best record in the league.

Messi scored this season in all three shows in the Champions League. The Argentine star recorded a hat-trick against PSV on the day of the match and doubles in a Tottenham away visit and then superproduct on PSV net in the back.

If Messi continues to keep scoring stable on Champions League 2018/19, the Argentine superstar is perfectly capable of creating the "Champions League" title, the first change of ownership after six years.

PSV - Barcelona: Superior Guardian Messi

Fortunately, they were with Bark and won thanks to Messi goddess.

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