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Sports news HOT 1/2: Djokovic threatens to "usurp" Nadal at Roland Garros

Friday 1 February 2019 04:43 (GMT + 7)

(Sport News) Novak Djokovic has defeated Rafael Nadal in a "mecca" of Spanish player Roland Garros after winning the Australian Open finals.

Djokovic is convinced of "usurping" Roland Garros Nadal: It took just over two hours to defeat Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open Final, so Novak Djokovic was very confident in his ability to repeat it on Roland Garros – a tournament that won "Gaur" 11 times. In 2019, Grand Slam took place on clay from May 26 to June 9. Djokovic was crowned champion in 2016, a tournament where Nadal moved away in third round due to injuries.

News from HOT 1/2: Djokovic threatened with " Nadal at Roland Garros - 1

Djokovic certainly defeated Nadal at Roland Garros

"Roland Garros's 2016 victory is one of the greatest successes of my career, so restoring that success in 2018 will bring another feeling, why can not I do that for the second time?" Said Djokovic.

Nadal is angry at being exposed: The recent news that Rafael Nadal has dealt with her 14-year-old girlfriend Francis Perella suddenly flooded the newspaper. Even the rumored couple gave their wishes from … 8 months ago. Nadal, who did not like the noisy life, immediately expressed his anger when the journalists asked him.

"I never knew about the hit and I will never do it. I know it's your job, but do not tell me any information about the wedding!" Nadal sighed.

McGregor left supercar … bike: During the six-month test ban, Conor McGregor searched for an elegant pleasure like cycling. Recently, the Irish boxers showed the "code" they had just bought on social networks and the NHM was interested in them.

In fact, McGregor is also in a six-month timetable because of speeding in November last year!

The UFC chiefs demand the upper leg box box: In November, the Golden Boy MMA event will be played by two veterans Tito Ortiz (44) and Chuck Liddell (49). However, this idea of ​​the UFC tycoon, Dany White, has met the opposition boxing legend of Oscar De La Hoya.

The Military Artist, who once won the 6th title, said that "putting the 50-year-old on the circle was the one who was condemned by White himself" (Dana White used to trace Liddell from the UFC when the fighter went through 3 knock-out matches).

Dana White immediately explained the challenge to De La Hoya … Superiority: "Let's go to the ring and fight with me in 3 rounds, I'll even give you 5 months to practice, get to me To try with me, how 50 years old compete! ".

Djokovic gave Federer on the edge of Roland Garros: Spot Nadal and 3 strong men

Novak Djokovic's ambition was dominating the 4 Grand Slams in succession.

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