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Suspects who have murdered property burglars

As for the 21-year-old girl in the Dien Bien District, the Dien Bien province, which died when she gave birth to chickens in the morning of the 12th of February, the Diet Bien Bien party's political party, the process of trying to use information, the subject Vuong Van Hung (35 years old, resident in the Tan Thuy block, Tuan Giao district, Dien Bien province), the main suspect in this case, claimed to have killed people, a robbery.

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Subject Vuong Van Hung

Initially, Hung admitted that he had committed the crime himself. This is an object that violated the law 4 times and has 3 records from the criminal record, the latest release from the prison was in October 2018, there is no home, but the wander in Dien Bien Phu City and Dien Bien District.

Police force has seized a lot of evidence, including 1 motorcycle, ATM cards of the victim; 1 Registration of motorcycles, 8 live chickens, 1 chicken cages and many other related objects are hidden in different places.

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ATM card and vehicle registration for victims

Seeking to prolong the case, on February 11, police investigated to continue the search for the house of Vuong Van Nghia, a younger brother, Vuong Van Hung, 16, Noong Het, Dien Bien Province. Dien Bien (housed here by Hung from February 2 until the arrest).

The police force searched for the Cao My Duyen phone and the telephone telephone object that contacted the victims demanding the delivery of the chickens in the afternoon 30th.

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Chicken cages of police victims are captured in the Thanh Truong Department

According to the party's political and party affairs officials, provincial police Dien Bien, immediately after the family announced the disappearance of Cao My Duyen on the evening of the 30th (February 4th), the Provincial Police Department directed units to professionalize provincial police, district police, Dien Bien Phu to organize a search.

On Tuesday, February 6 (the second day of the Lunar New Year), the force discovered the Duyen motorcycle used to transport chickens in team 18, Noong Luong, Dien Bien district.

At 10:30 on February 7 (news of the 3rd Lunar New Year), Cao My Duyen's body was discovered in an abandoned house in front of Doi 11 Road Construction Company, Thanh Nua province, Dien Bien province. Dien Bien.


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An abandoned house where the body of the victim was found

Through field tests, autopsy, the police agency identified the death of Cao My Duyen as a result of strangulation.

The Special Task Force of the Criminal Police Department, the Department of Expert Techniques, the Institute of Criminal Sciences of the Ministry of Public Security, recalled the Department of Police, police investigation police department Dien Bien. continue the investigation to clarify the case.

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