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Tan Son Nhat's warning was broadcast

Thursday, 29/11/2018 06:52 (GMT + 7)

After the Nov Bai phenomenon was broadcast by a traffic reporter, it was found that the recent Tan Son Nhat airport also showed this behavior, which had a serious impact on air safety.

Notice the plane to Tan Son Nhat by the laser beam - 1

The plane is scheduled to take off at Tan Son Nhat International Airport

The pilot hit the cockpit

On 28 November, the South Korean Airport (HKMN) reported that the state of flight due to a laser beam, kite flying, drop objects flying … Tan Son Nhat Airport is getting worse.

When traveling through the districts of Cam My, Long Thanh, Trang Bom, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai province, it is usually 4,500m down to less than 650m (located in Long Hung, Dong Nai) on a downstream / is most disturbed. According to calculations, each day over Dong Nai over 350 flights.

"Recently, flying objects have been found to compromise safety and aviation safety at CHK Lien Khuong Airport." Creating an online information line At the same time, it is very important to promote the dissemination of aviation security legislation for people. this situation ".

Colonel Ngo Quang Hien Deputy Chief of Staff Air Force 370

"In the year 2017 and the first ten months of 2018, 46 launch of the laser beam took place in the cockpit. The time of laser light behavior in the 1930s back to the night," the HKMN port information.

Some air pilots bounced off when the aircraft dropped to an altitude of about 1,000 meters to enter the funnel area, and the approaching landing / landing is often transmitted to the cockpit. The location of the laser is from 9 to 42 km, especially in the area along Dong Nai, Binh Duong to Ho Chi Minh city.

Only in the province of Dong Nai, as reflected by the pilot, the airline pilot: Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air, Jetstar Pacific in 2017 exposed cockpit cockpit 6 times, Unmanned Airborne Equipment. Since the beginning of the year, he has discovered a laser beam eight times in the cockpit. Pilots will be exposed to the cockpit of airplane performance, especially when the weather is not favorable (rain, storm) will be very dangerous as the wings drop.

Set up a hotline

According to Tran Doan Mau, Director of the International Airport's Board of Trustees, flying objects, unmanned aircraft, and laser lights, it occurs when an aircraft is operated or approaching the landing. directly into pilot operation, threatening flight safety. The number of passengers traveling through Tan Son Nhat in 2018 will reach 39 million, so the frequency of the flights is denser. From the end of December to the lunar new year 2019, the number of flights will reach 800-900 flights per day, and therefore the safety of aviation security must be maintained at the highest level.

"After this conference, we will coordinate with the provincial police soon to set up a hotline to receive information to reflect, check, verify, prevent and manage the use of laser light in the air, the impact on aircraft operations. into the Long Thanh airport, "said Mau.

Colonel Ly Quang Dung, deputy director of the Dong Nai Police Department, said that recommendations for the provincial People's Council should be made. According to Colonel Dung, in the evolutionary trend of science and technology, unmanned airplanes will be more. At the same time, there is also the use of laser lights, high-performance LEDs in entertainment venues, and the risk of direct flight safety. In addition to Tan Son Nhat Airport, Dong Nai Airport also has Bien Hoa Airport and Long Thanh Airport will be deployed soon, so ensuring aviation safety is very urgent.

"It is recommended that port authorities build billboards, billboards, posters … organize many propagandistic activities actively coordinate with local authorities and police stations to create information channels to take measures to prevent, handle in time Immediately after this conference, the province will issue assignment plans departments, the People's Commission districts to ensure a flight security solution, "said Colonel Dung.

A plane arrives in the cockpit of Noi Bai

The Vietnam Airlines pilot was sent to the cockpit while landing in Noi Bai.

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