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Target 3 points to lead the first ball after 24 hours

Thursday, 29/11/2018 00:06 (GMT + 7)

(Live PSV – Barcelona, ​​5th Round Champions League, 3h, 29/11) If you win at the PSV course, Barca will hold the highest spot in hand.

PSV Live Soccer - Barcelona: 3 points to keep the top - 1 0: 0 PSV live football - Barcelona: 3 points to keep the title - 2
PSV Boat

Barcelona will buy Griezmann instead of Dembele

According to Marty Barcelona, ​​Antoine Griezmann is starting again. This opened the possibility for a French striker to leave home team Wanda Metropolitano in January. Previously, Barca was disappointed with the lack of professionalism of the young striker Ousman Dembele – who is being punished for breaking the discipline. It is likely that Barca will use Dembele's money to buy Griezmann.

Barcelona should not buy Neymar

Former Barcelona and Manchester coach Louis van Gaal said Barcelona should not return Neymara back and say, "It's too personal and has to learn to be a collective player."

Sao Barca fulfilled his intention to return to the Bundesliga

Defender Ivan Rakitic left the possibility to return to Bundesliga in the future. Previously, a Croatian star wore Schalke 04 2007-2011 before reaching a top career with Sevilla in Barce.

According to Marc Rakitic, PSG and MU refused to stay in Nou Camp in the summer of 2018.

Information Force:

PSV: Ryan Thomas injury.

Barcelona: Suarez, Arthur, Sergi, Rafinha injury.


Barcelona officially left the previous round.

PSV will only be able to compete for tickets to the Europa League.

Barcelona has not won the last three matches in the Champions League.

In the first leg, PSV lost to Barca 0-4.

Battle of Inter – Barcelona picture before:

PSV - Barcelona: Messi

(15:00, 29/11) Messi has a lot of motivation to reach PSV goals tonight.

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