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Thai giants bought Lam "West" to compete with Van Hau with the La Liga-24h football club

Thursday 31 January 2019 18:36 (GMT + 7)

After winning goalkeeper Dang Van Lam club Muangthong United continued to attract "youngest son" Doan Van Hau from the club in Hanoi. Even this Thai team is ready to compete for talent with another team from Spain.

The performance of Van Haua in front of the Jordan

Defender Doan Van Hau is the youngest player in Vietnam. But the success of Vietnamese football has been playing this "youngest" role for more than a year. Van Hau is really a reliable choice in the left wing of the wing, like a piston, able to work seamlessly.

Hot football Vietnam: Thai giants buy Lam

Will Will Van Hau join Muangthong United?

From Asia U23, ASIAD 2018, AFF 2018 Cup to Asian Cup 2019, Doan Van Hau scored a bold mark. At the age of 19, Van Hau's development potential is still high. The team will be watching the best young player in Southeast Asia in 2017.

Recently, the Spanish team wanted to invite Doan Van Hau to La Liga to try. If this information is authentic and Van Hau takes this opportunity, it will be a huge transformation of Vietnamese football.

If you want to be "safer," Van Hau now has a different option. Muangthong United official Facebook page Facebook leads internal sources to say that the Thai team is trying to recruit Doan Van Hau from the Hanoi Club. Van Hau made a strong impression, especially during the last AFF Cup campaign in 2018.

If Muangthong United convinces the Hanoi club to sell its clear young talents, it would be the third win of Vietnamese football after Dang Van Lam and Bui Tien Dung. Van Hau will have the opportunity to stay side by side with Dang Van Lam as Lam "West" previously signed a contract with this Thai team before the Asian Cup 2019.

In 2018, Dutch newspapers interviewed Doan Van Hau and said that a player holding this ideal height of 1m85 could absolutely go to Europe to play football. So if you can take advantage of the opportunity to you, "Gareth Bale Vietnam" Doan Van Hau promises to have a very clear future.

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