Thanh Duy "stands" when he duets with handsome contestants

After the broadcast season brings a lot of laughter, "Whoever votes the vote" season officially went to the final episode. Returning this season is the return of Cat Phuong, Kieu Minh Tuan and guest singers "muddy non-rival" Thanh Duy and "Mr." Dai Nhan.

The first steps are Kieu Minh Tuan and Cat Phuong. At the time he appeared, Chan Thanh drew attention to Cat Phuong by wearing a Chi Tai costume in a non-balloon style. Cat Phuong said she always loved Tran Thanh, the speaker, like Tran Thanh, made a fire for her, so she decided to return to the Changjiang team to calm herself. This caused Tran Thanh 1 to be "a mild home." So, Kieu Minh Tuan just "how" on the side of Tran Thanh.

Who you are?
The Tran Thanh team consists of Kieu Minh Tuan and Dai Nhan
Who you are?
Truong Giang team includes: Cat Phuong and Thanh Duy

There are two guest singers "Mr." Dai Nhan and Thanh Duy. These two men contributed to the "blast" of the much-debated debate about how to deal with. The "war" in this battle, Tran Thanh "to teach" Thanh Duy how to rightly deal with it is: if called "Cat Phuong" must call "Kieu Minh Tuan teacher." However, Tran Thanh was again catapulted by Cat Phuong "Truth" Thanh called Cat Cat Phuong's "Sister Cat" but called Kieu Minh Tuan "guy."

Prior to this situation, Tran Thanh decided to stay as friends with Kieu Minh Tuan and call Cat Phuong "Cat baby". The prediction of "war" is difficult to stop for Truong Giang to stay. "This is Voice Voice, not a genealogy program.

On the selection of the team, Thanh Duy "quick foot" ran back to the Changjiang team. Dai Nhan was excited because "I'm afraid of Tran Thanh very much, I've always been crying last season, then Kieu Minh Tuan, Dai Nhan with Tran Thanh, Cat Phuong, Thanh Duy on Truong Giang.

In Round 1 – Chemistry, 7 mysterious voices appear in short clips. The commentator heard the character's voice per second. From here, each team has to find the bad guys in this round.

After 30 seconds, the Changjiang team picked up luggage at Hotel No. 1; Tran Thanh chose coffee in seventh place that does not sleep well.

1st Round Results: Mystery Singer No.1 – The boy in the hotel luggage walks through the stage in a tense mood and presents the song "That's It". From the first note this guy shouted Thanh Duy, Cat Phuong embraced, Chang Jiang regretting that he chose a bad voice. Boys will introduce Khanh Minh at Cai Lay home, Tien Giang.

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Mysterious Voice Number 1

Mysterious Voice Number 7 – coffee mixer expressing the song "love wind flowers" in the joy of the team. This performance praised Dai Nghia as a "fight" between music and this guy. He represents himself Dat Tan Kha himself and is a customer care officer. In the first round only the voice of Tran Thanh was right.

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Secrets of voice number 7

At 2nd round – Super show, the remaining singers will continue to fantasize on stage so that guests anticipate their singing voice. After discussion, Zhencheng team selected vocal number 4, Changjiang team selected vocal number 3.

The results of the second round: The choreographer at No. 4 played the song "Rose" first, which made the commentator breathing relief when choosing the right song for the song. She introduced Ky Anh and is a kindergarten teacher.


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Secret Number of Voice 4

The turtle sold the scene in No. 3 with the song "Come With Me". Before singing this song, Thanh Duy strongly said he was very famous, he surely sings. Unfortunately, when one who sells turtles and the voice of Thanh Duy's voice is instantly "freezing" because the sentence was less than a minute earlier.

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Secret Number 3

After completing the song, he admitted that Thanh Duy was dying of pink hair to shoot the MV, and Thanh Duy did not recognize him. Thanks to this, Thanh Duy knows that this is why Thanh Duy found position # 3 well known. Before he left, this guy named Duy Thoai. So the two teams recorded the right choice of bad singing in the second round.

Stay decision ring – exposeTwo teams have the right to interview the contestants to find out who has a good-natured voice. After 30 seconds of interviews, Dai Nhan and Thanh Duy team together to choose 6. 6. after the right to choose the opposite, No. 6 decided to choose Thanh Duy. Eventually Dai Nhan chose a duet with a mysterious voice number 2 on the duet.

Result # 3: Girl in position 5 – cosplay co-op reveals the song "Far Away" with vocals filled with internal forces. The girl is Thanh Thao, 22 years old and editor.

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Mysterious Voice Number 5

Dai Nhan duet with "hotboy breadmaker" in position 2 with the song "You want to go far to meet someone strange". Fortunately for Dai Nhan it's a good voice. Both guys have a mix of food to encourage the listener. After the song he said he was happy to be on a big stage, this guy named Minh Huy is a second-year student at Ho Chi Minh's Economic and Financial University.

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Dai Nhan duet with "hotboy breadmaker" in position 2 with the song "You want to go far to meet someone strange".

Thanh Duy duet with guitar "kim with pomegranate" adjusts clock to No. 6 song "Strange familiar". That voice made that Changjiang grabbed his head from the first notes and "stood" for another note. Thanh Duy is also no better than a male singer "to cry" every time a "pomegranate diamond" sings the song "Roof". This guy will introduce himself as Nguyen Vuong Thanh and is a fashion designer. Finally, Dai Nhan is the only one who chooses the right voice in this round.

Who you are?
Thanh Duy duet with guitar "kim with pomegranate" adjusts clock to No. 6 song "Strange familiar".

At the end of the "Voiced Voices And", the two candidates Vuong Thanh and Minh Huy received 10 million. Dai Nhan "embraces" a reward of 50 million from the program, while Thanh Duy turns "white."

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