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Thanh Hoa police chief "Uncle" former sub-reclaimed 260 million in court money

In the afternoon of November 28th Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Chi Phuong, Head of Thanh Hoa Police Department, Thanh Hoa province confirmed that the voice in the tape appeared on the social network Fcebook's his and the conversation is real. "Fake must be decided by the competent authorities," Phuong said.

Previously, a 23-minute long recording appeared on the social network: "Colonel Nguyen Chi Phuong, Chief of Thanh Hoa City Police, received $ 260 million in cash, was below the level of notice.

This record shows that many interviews are recorded at different times, including male and female voices. One of them was allegedly Colonel Nguyen Chi Phuong, Chief of Police Thanh Hoa and the other worked in the area of ​​public security under the direction of Colonel Phuong.

In the audio recordings that say the man was employed in Thanh Hoa, the police were involved in theft of the motorcycle to find the colonel. Topic "Launch case" and refer to money "" The total amount mentioned is 260 million dongs, many times …

"Now, from military, shameful, prosecuted, you know what to do now. The family is difficult, his wife is about to give birth, father to his mother, hoping that his brother will help him"; "My uncle has a house, my place will be judged, and that's the hardest, and my wish is to pay the money." "Does not he have many children?" "Earlier she gave 260 million to tell his uncle …"

At the top, some of the conversations in the recording are posted on Facebook.

In connection with Facebook phonograph, Colonel Nguyen Chi Phuong, Chief of Police Thanh Hoa City, told the press that the voice in the record was his voice and the conversation is real. According to Phuong, this interview is held at 19 or 20-20-20.

"He worked at the police department, was deprived of the title of Public Safety for Motorcycle Theft at the Agency." But he was real, but not. If you do not have the money to get the title of the police when you have done it strictly, nobody is foolish enough to accept it. It is deliberately blurry, "said Colonel Phuong.

According to Phuong Phuong, when information on Facebook was made, the provincial police Thanh Hoa told the authorities to verify the explanation.

The reporters joined Colonel Khuong Duy Ohan, deputy director of the Thanh Hoa Police Department, but the leader said the information was not available.

Prior to July 2018, he worked with the Thanh Hoa-Thanh Hoa Police Station in Duc Hieu (SN 1989, originally from Trieu Son Province, Thanh Hoa Province). People who have been excluded from the industry because of "The theft of property" at the police. Hieu was later prosecuted and the People's Court Thanh Hoa issued a hearing on November 22, 2018, sentenced to ninety months by a non-custodial reform on allegations of "property theft."

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