The disappointment of foreign scholars when disciplined by Professor Zhou Hao

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One of the foreign scholars who signed Professor Chu Hao's supporters told the BBC that party discipline with Chu Hao "can happen to everyone."

The party rejects Professor Chu Hao "

Professor Chu Hao's book on "Combustion of Goods"

The Communist Party says "bad" Professor Chu Hao

Professor Zhou Hao pronounced "renunciation of the Communist Party"

On November 15, the Communist Party announced that Professor Chu Hao, the former Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, would be abolished for "fighting counterfeiting."

Earlier on November 11, 81 foreign scholars and overseas Vietnamese signed an open letter to Secretary General Nguyen Phu Trong that they "denied" the view that Professor Chu Hao's translation work was a "threat" to Vietnam.

The letter was published on 11/11, sent by Nguyen Phu Trong, Nguyen Xuan Phuc, the Inspectorate of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the Foreign Embassies in Hanoi.

He asked about the reasons and the expectation of signing an open letter, said Kieu-Linh Caroline Valverde, Associate Professor at the University of California-Davis, BBC Vietnamese morning, 16 November:

"When scholars in Vietnam and abroad will not be afraid of themselves, publicly supplying research materials to people around the world, we should support them." What Happens to Professor Chu Hao It can happen to all, and it is a good time to express the spirit of unity to reflect oppression and censorship. Vietnam. "

"I'm sad about Professor Chu Hao's situation, but I was also relieved that we have the opportunity to express our concerns together, which may be a sign of a large number of apprentices who are willing to speak, but that does say, but no one knows what will happen to some of us. "

An international scholar of 81 signatories who wants to remain anonymous told the BBC on November 16th that the commentary of the Central Inspection Commission Chu Hao "has created a bad picture for Vietnam International School".

At the same time, at least two scholars have signed, but they have refused to be interviewed by the BBC, claiming they have to return to Vietnam to continue their studies and not to face the possible risks. to be in the black list of the Vietnamese government.

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International scholars "refute" the view that Professor Chu Hao's work has been published as a "threat" to Vietnam

Tri Thuc's work is not a "threat"

The scholars and intellectuals who sign this letter mainly come from the United States, Australia and France, working in many areas such as physics, anthropology, information technology, literature, cinema, history.

The letter reads:

"We wrote this letter expressing their deep disagreement and disappointment with the charges against Professor Chu Hao, Director of the Knowledge Publishing House, the Central Testing Board 10/25/2018, as well as the subsequent comments posted on the Commission's website on October 31."

"Chu Hao's main job in Tri Thuc Publishing is to help Vietnamese students and teachers gain access to more academic papers from other countries by translating them into Vietnamese."

"This initiative is a visionary and very important for the study of science. The great scientific work is the foundation of modern research and thinking in the social and human sciences."

"In secondary schools and universities around the world, the basic curriculum of the various disciplines and disciplines that students have to read and understand is found."

"Unfortunately, the language barrier faced by Vietnamese academics, and especially students, when trying to gain access to these works is, in turn, seriously disadvantaged when they compete for entry, universities receive scholarships and grants for research."

Mr. Chu Hao's subject is "water drops"

Leave the party and leave the Union to become a movement?

Professor Chu Hao was asked to be disciplined for "suicide"

Getting out of the Communist Party is easy?

More intellectuals "left the party" after the case of Dr. Hao

"As researchers and educators from around the world, we reject any claim that these jobs jeopardize the stable or peaceful development of Vietnam."

"Modern education is based on the ability to discuss and integrate thoughts and theoretical proposals on a wide scale, reducing only available analytical tools and hindering their development of knowledge."

"Even controversial work needs to be read and analyzed before it can be criticized or rebuffed reliably."

"At a time when Vietnam faces international competition in higher education and scholarship, we claim that the Central Investigation Commission's allegations are unjustified and disturbing."

The scholars have asked the Central Inspection Commission to "change important ratings of Chu Hao's work at Tri Thuc Publishing," for the sake of international cooperation and development in the field of education. for Vietnam ".

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Doc. Mac Van Trang (left) and Nguyen Ngoc are the first intellectuals to declare to leave the Communist Party of Vietnam to support Professor Chu Hao

A press release from the Central Control Party of November 15, 1818 stated that they had come to the conclusion that during the disciplinary hearing Chu Hao did not observe the rules of the party and "evolving".

"The violation of Mr. Chu Hao is very serious, it has been going on for a long time, which has had an impact on the prestige of organizational parties, a bad influence on social thinking." On the basis of a Disciplinary Disciplinary Disciplinary Act, the Central Committee of the Party decided to disciplinary in the form of liberation from Chu Hao, "he wrote.

On Oct. 25, the Central Committee of Communist Party's inspection committee announced that Chu Hao, the editor and editor of the Knowledge Publishing House, was "asked to consider and enforce discipline" due to "serious violations". "

Mr. Zhu Hao has issued a statement that he is reluctant to give up the Communist Party and claims that the conclusion was "unjustified and indecent indictment".

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