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The men hurt when Nam Thu was insulted by dirty words, though he didn't twitch his husband

Sau Quyen Linh, another "national MC" felt pain when Nam Thu juniors were murdered and disgusted.

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Over the past few days, information about comedian Nam Thu has replaced the artist Cat Tuong as a host program You want today they met many mixed audience reactions. In addition to the proposals that want the actress to change for the better, there are also many words "heavily stoned".

As the leader, "National MC" Quyen Linh even burst into tears to express his opinion, hoping that people will not criticize Nam Thu. After Quyen Linh, another turn of "National MC" Dai Nghia also felt a broken heart when his co-workers suffered harsh words.

after you have received money from the state & # 34; Do not play the phone - 1

Dai Nghia felt clogged when the juniors offended, tears trembling.

Share on Personal Page, MC Dai Nghia wrote: "When he saw the stranger's curse for his brother's brother, tears suddenly choked. Whose fault is wrong with anyone who strikes a husband and wife who is taking her money, but cannot give up dirty and harsh words, curse from father to mother, curse breath down, read and sorry.

Will he insult a man with such scornful words that they will be happy? Everyone has a weak point, if you see too much vision, stop giving people better suggestions. Is there someone after the night who can become a great man? If not, let's see what's even more fun. Why do you have to say scratching words like tearing into people's hearts?

after you have received money from the state & # 34; Do not play the phone - 2

"I brought my karma to my body. Don't blame me or heaven near heaven," said Dai Nghia with her close friend.

Colleagues are sometimes comforted, "stop it, just turn your eyes." If it says it is advisable to support it with a heavy heart, but how to treat it as nothing. Artists in glory, thousands of people cheering, thousands of admiring people. But it was only for a moment, the aura was scattered, it was just a shadow that buried the star. There was no scream for anyone, and he couldn't prove anything to me. Stop bitterly swallowing and pretending to be deaf to a public storm.

"Words don't cost money to buy …" This sentence wasn't valid today.

Well, my dear, I brought karma to my body

Don't even blame it for being near heaven … I'll be!

I love you! "

Although not directly mention Nam Thu, the audience understood Dai Nghia to refer to the new MC You want today. Nam Thu himself also came and responded to his feelings: "Yes I love you!" While Quyen Linh said before Dai Nghia: "Great, I think … I love her too much.

Quyen Linh and Dai Nghia are well-known TV MCs, not only that they are both known as "National MC" for their generosity. These are the two best artists who help the poor. The fact that these two good artists have expressed their support for Nam Thu in the midst of criticism has shown that they resist their rumors to speak, hoping that viewers will understand.

after you have received money from the state & # 34; Don't go on the street - 3

2 "National MC" all spoke for Nam Thu.

Many people knew that Dai Nghia was right, and encouraged Nam Thu. Under the post of Dai Nghia, Nam Thu also read and answered netizens, including anti-fans. One of the views most attracted by the audience is as follows:

"This mistake, because the manufacturer doesn't know how to use his brother! As Mr. Dai Nghia is as good as his name, the whole Vietnam knows he's also a vegetarian, but it's really no one without admiration." He was so good that he helped everyone who could help him, was not afraid of the karma of others, because of his mentoring in the game "Surprised" Nam Thu was less reluctant and considered temporary. If there is no one, you may consider Nam Thu MC.

And Mr. Quyen Linh and Mrs. Cat Tuong lead the "Do You Want to Meet" program as if they didn't … very natural pieces of that piece, as Nam Thu can have. So Mrs. Cat Tuong did 6 years when she knew how many people she loved. The program that wants to change the MC is a little to find a suitable person, the audience never boo. For example, if Lam You Da leads this program, pieces of Lam You Da can bring new colors and people forget Cat Tuong, not forget the program.

He saw it, veteran artists like Mrs. My Chi, Kieu Mai Ly, Kim Phuong, Hong Van, Hong Dao … later were Kieu Oanh, Viet Huong, Thu Trang … how good they were. Naturally, the Vietnamese comedy awarded "Kieu's female comedy village" to Nam Thu, it was ugly. Since the commentary community was guilty, but should also allow her to understand how her talent and beauty are, don't be too illusory about yourself, a less sour and high tone, more boring humble, viewers more accepting. And note, don't you think the audience is stupid.

In response to this opinion, Nam Thu did not hesitate to reply: "You are heavy anti-mail. Thank you.. She also said: "Thanks for the support of all. The letter will try. ".

after you have received money from the state & # 34; Don't wait for you - 4

Earlier, Nam Thu was also public for her personal curse. The actress and MC also did not hesitate to answer.

Nam Thu woman was heartbroken when she was stoned by viewers, badly treated at the time you wanted to date

Comedian Nam Thu replaced MC Cat Tuong as a "matchmaker" in Friends Wanting Meet, but met with an unexpected response.

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