The new car bought more than 1 billion suddenly burned

The new car bought more than 1 billion suddenly burned

The fire appeared around five o'clock in the Cho Luong car park in Do Luong district (Nghe An). The truck of Mr. Pham Van Suu, in the village of Trang Son, Do Luong parked in the parking lot of Cho Luong suddenly burned suddenly.

As the fire flared, the smoke rose up with the high suspicious people they had newly discovered, and asked for a rescue fire brigade. Receiving information, the Fire Prevention Police No. 5 has a fire truck with soldiers' officers at a fire station.

After 20 minutes the fire completely went out, not spreading to other cars.

However, due to the late detection of fire, fire, the whole head of the tractor was burned completely burned.

The car owner, Mr. Suu, said that this car had bought a month for the $ 1.1 billion that was used to ship the goods. He brought the car to the parking lot in Cho Lon 8. 11 ..

On the scene, you can see the front tire of the car on a large power line.

The cause of the fire is investigated by the police.

Tires convert large power lines.

Tires convert large power lines.

The truck was completely burned, causing great economic losses.

The vehicle was completely burned and caused great economic losses.

Nguyen Duy

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