The offer of hundreds of billions at the HCM Academy has shown signs of a "secret agreement"

Chief Inspector of Ho Chi Minh City issued Decision No 169 / QD-TTTP-P5 on Checking Compliance with Legislation in a Call for Proposals in the School Building Project for Public Officials).

Hundreds of billions of dollars at the HCM Academy Academy show signs

The People's Party Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has been proposed to abolish the hundreds of billions of dong

The Party Committee of the College "decided" to select a contractor

According to the inspection on 13 November 2009, the People's Committee in Ho Chi Minh City issued Decision No. 5163 / QD-UBND to allocate more than 7.1 ha of land to invest in the construction of City School officials.

The City of HCM School of Planning and Investment has coordinated with the consultation unit to develop a detailed plan of scale 1/500 to be submitted to the Binh Thanh District Committee of the Binh Thanh District for approval. The project is implemented in stages and the total investment capital of the project has been approved for more than 800 billion VND.

From this first phase (including compensation, construction of new gates, including permanent homes and fences) is more than 28 billion; Phase 2 (construction of administrative blocks, technical buildings, including library items, classrooms, ponds, administrative corridors, libraries, pedestrians …) over 456 billion; Phase 3 (building and student dormitory) more than 336 billion.

The audit findings point to serious offenses in Phase 3: construction of student halls and dormitories.

Phase 3 is a consultant to Nam Long Construction Investment Consultant Company Limited (Nam Long Company); Project management consultancy is a joint-stock company for civil and industrial consultancy; The evaluation unit of the tender is the Advisory Society for Civil and Industrial Counseling.

According to an inspection on June 22, 2017, the HCM Public Works Academy approved an estimate of the cost of the urban academy staff package (Phase 3) – a hostel and hall worth more than 322 billion, of which a construction, installation and installation package of more than 217 , 5 billion.

On 30 November 1977, the Ho Chi Minh City Economic Committee opened the tender procedure. At this time, the developer of Joint Venture No. 5, limited liability company Binh Minh Construction One, has a member with a reduced bid below the approved bundle, the remaining two bid prices are much higher than the package price approved.

Specifically, the value of the approved package is more than 217.5 billion, while the other two units are offered for 314 billion VND and more than 251 billion; 5 – Cong Binh Minh Construction Company Limited offers more than 217.2 billion.

Subsequently, the Project Management Consultant will evaluate and disclose Building Company No 5 using some of the core materials and equipment for the offered packages that do not meet the requirements of the Tender Documentation and the Binh Minh Construction One Limited's Tested Capacity does not meet the requirements of the Tender Documentation.

Afterwards, the vendor's association sent a letter to the HCM City Academy: "Commitment to fully approve material categories according to tender documentation and unaltered unit price".

The Project Management Consultant found that the construction company Joint Stock Company No. 5 – Binh Minh Construction One Limited was in line with Article 16 of Decree No 63/2014 / ND-CP of 16 June 2014, which details the implementation of a number of articles of the Tender Act.

On March 7, 1818, however, the Institute of Public Officials met and agreed to select a contractor of the contractor of the joint stock company No. 5 – Binh Minh Construction One Member Limited Company.

Ask the inspection committee of the City Party

The audit concluded that the team of test experts did not meet the conditions laid down in the tender right. The responsibility of Nam Long Construction Investment Consultant Co., Ltd, a team of direct bidders for public procurement consultants.

Hundreds of billions at the HCM Academy Academy show signs

The campus of Ho Chi Minh City

According to the inspection, the submission of the guidance documents for the advisory units is not complete. Associate Member of Binh Minh Construction One A limited liability company does not meet the requirements of the tender dossier. However, the supplier is still considered technical documentation.

The responsibility lies with Nam Long Construction Investment Consultant Company Limited, the construction and industrial design consultant of the joint stock company, the director, the deputy director of the Municipal City Institute, an incident occurred.

According to the inspection, the offeror is a lack of capacity, insufficient experience with the selection of suppliers for the construction and installation, delivery and assembly of accommodation facilities. Tenderers deliberately report untrue and falsify vendor selection results.

On the part of the Project Management Consultant, the Inspector concluded that during the selection of the supplier, the supplier's shortcomings were found with many documents confirming and supporting the view that the Applicant's Partnership did not meet the requirements of the tender dossier. But then the project management consultant changed his mind in an unusual way.

Accordingly, you agree with the offer consultant and agree to approve the list of suppliers (construction company No 5 – Binh Minh Construction One-member Limited Company).

The TP inspector concluded that the project consultant demonstrated irregular and irregular behavior in the assessment report of the supplier's evaluation results and submitted to the investor for approval of the supplier's evaluation results. The Contractor, in consultation with the tenderer, has identified a contractor's error, but deliberately acted against the provisions of the Justice and Transparency Act in the tender procedures to be investigated. Clarify and treat in accordance with the law.

From the results of the survey, the head of HCM City asked the chairman of the People's Committee of the City of Ho Chi Minh City to check and clarify that the Cadres Union Committee voted in favor of choosing a contractor of the company. Building No. 5 – a limited liability company that is not in accordance with the functions and tasks of the party organization and the provisions of the procurement law.

At the same time, ask the Director of the Academy of City Staff to check and clarify that project management consultants and procurement consultants have signs of "collusion" when reporting unqualified suppliers. Requirements for the tender dossier proposing to the investor to approve the supplier's classification; Violation of the provisions of the bid.

In addition, the Director of the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City is responsible for the coordination of the Ministry of Interior, the Inspection Committee of the Committee of the City Party to review the responsibility of collectives and individuals according to the decentralization of personnel management violate. Particularly accelerate the process of organizing the selection of suppliers for the construction and installation, delivery and installation of the accommodation facility and organizing the repeated submission of tenders in accordance with the provisions of the law.


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