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The Power of Diversity

So after the AFF Cup 2014 and 2016, Vietnam Tel continued to participate in the semi-finals of the region at the top of Table A. Looking at Park Hang Seo's past trip, the NHM can trust a bit of the Red Corps's ability to champion.

Tactical variety

One can say that Park Hang Seo was one of the few men to have won a great victory for Vietnamese football next to witch Henrique Calisto.

Not only an experienced veteran, Park Hang Seo is also a master of tactics. And this helped Vietnamese players become the most diverse team at AFF Cup 2018.

Phan Van Duc is a record 3-0 victory over Vietnam.
Vietnam football at AFF Cup semifinals 2018 tactics are fairly diverse

In Asian games U23 or Asiad 18 we play mostly in the lower corners. In the AFF Cup in 2018 Vietnam works tactically very flexibly and simultaneously. effective.

When playing against weak teams like Lao or Cambodian, Park Hang Seo Teacher often plays a full-fledged fight with impressive opponents like Malaysia / Myanmar, Vietnam Tel and other styles. very different.

This change caused Vietnam coach Park Hang Seo to be heavily arrested in the AFF Cup. And they have witnessed Vietnamese AFF Cup 2018 semifinals, even experienced coaches such as Le Thuy Hai have also "bowed" to the diversity of a tactical park teacher.

"I did not see a clear game in Vietnam, the game is changing, so we can not analyze it a lot." Park said there were too many blows, even a style, so many surprises that I do not think. It is also his goodness and the semifinal will be very clear. "


Surprise is always a factor contributing to victory. And we'll see how Park Hang Seo's coach can help in Vietnam Football at the AFF Cup 2018.

Human diversity

If a tactical factor plays a very important role in the game, the quality of the new player is crucial to achieving success in football.

And this time in AFF Cup it can be said that Vietnamese football is owned by a team of highly qualified and reliable players who, after ten years of waiting, have realized the dream of victory in the region.

At the end of Tien Linh, DT Viet Nam Van Toanov will be responsible for the future of the AFF Cup 2018.
The Vietnamese football star team in this AFF Cup is considered relatively unified

In the match against Cambodia, Park Hang Seo replaced five of the starting teams against Myanmar. The good news, however, is that, despite the start of the best teams, red shirts show a smooth, if not the most effective and effective way since the tournament was launched.

Of course, in comparison with Cong Phuong, Xuan Truong or Anh Duc, Van Duc, Duc Huy, Tien Linh and Hong Duy had a fully rounded shoulder in the first kick.

When Team 2 does not make much difference from the first team, the NHM can fully expect that the ability to go away by the Hang-Seo Park coach has the potential to nourish the players and create the right one for the rival.

Vietnam's AFF Cup is the only team to stay clean since the opening day. Stability of Van Hau, Dinh Trong, Duy Manh or Que Ngoc Hai is a landmark for Park Treasure Hang Seo, which is a title in the region.

Synthesis: Vietnam 3-0 Cambodia

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