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The SE4 train manager has helped deliver women home successfully

SE4 ship manager successfully gave birth to woman on the way home - Photo 1.

Mothers are taken to Nha Trang Station for admission to Emergency Hospital – Photo: SE4 fleet

Information from the Phuong Nam Railway Stewardess (Saigon Railway Transport Joint Stock Company) said around 2:30 am on April 29, the SE4 train runs through Ninh Thuan Province (between Ka Rom Station and Nga Ba Station). ), cabin crew member 7A, train head, Nguyen Dinh Tai, has a passenger in bed 18 with severe abdominal pain.

Hygienist on the train quickly looked at the situation. At the time, the personal Dao Thi Thanh Hang had a ticket to Sai Gon to Quang Ngai, showing signs of preparation for birth and rupture of amniotic fluid.

When Mr. Tai saw the urgent situation, he asked the students to prepare hot water, gloves and umbilical cord to support Mrs. Hang to give birth to a baby while giving the radio system aboard to call passengers with professional skills. health support.

After arriving in support of the ship, he was a passenger.

She gave birth to 1 girl on the same day at 3:15, "mother is round and square". When the train arrived at Nha Trang Station, the ambulance was transported to the mother and child and relatives to the hospital.

On the morning of April 29 they exchanged Online Youth, head of the ship, Nguyen Dinh Tai, said he is still on his way to Hanoi.

Previously, the train team had been trained to deal with passenger support cases when it was urgent, but this was the first time he had encountered this case and tried to calm down. When he sees his mother and pregnant women still good health, he is very happy.

Mr. Pham Ngoc Hiep, husband and wife, thanked train staff and passengers for supporting his wife to be born smoothly. Very happy to welcome his first healthy daughter in such a rare case.

At present, both mother and daughter are being monitored for health on the ship without being sterile.

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