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There are also leaders involved

Thursday, 29/11/2018 11:05 (GMT + 7)

Source Tien Phong said four of the officers fined each other on a silver screen with local leaders. That is why Hanoi Management and Housing Development Company Limited will use the method of dismissal by the deputy secretary of Party Cell, the position of the members of the governing parties, the administrators who violate and reduce the salary of the employee. related to this incidence.

Department of Gambling Representatives: There are also leaders - 1

Four officers play cards at headquarters. Clip from Clip

Ask the four Hanoi officials to "tune in" each other on the silver screen of the police in the case of four Hanoi gambling officials at work

Cao Duc Dai, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Hanoi Development and Management Co., said: "With regard to Binh, Cong, Dung, Thang, Hai Ba Trung One Member Development and Management Limited Company, one person is a leader .

In particular, this person takes the position of a leader, party leadership, government, party members. Therefore, each subject must have adequate penalties. Therefore, the company has written guidelines for corporate reconsideration and disciplinary forms.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Hanoi Management of Housing and Development, Ltd. Further information The party committee has allocated a committee to the Inspection Board to work with the department of the company. Violators should establish their treatment in accordance with the Party's rules.

On 30 November, the Committee's control committee will report the results of the verification. Then the Disciplinary Committee of the Society, the Party Committee examines the discipline in the spirit of dealing with true people, the right violation and strictly hampers the violation.

In addition, the Standing Committee of the Party Committee exchanged, on the basis of the provisions of the party, the form of the Deputy Secretary of the Party of the Cell, the leadership of the Party members, the Administrators in contradiction. Employees will consider pay cuts, emulation … The results of the verification and processing will be in accordance with the regulations of the parties, the laws and regulations of the agency, said Dai.

Department of Gambling Officials: There are also leaders involved - 2

Leaders at the level of the room participate in gambling.

Mr. Cao Duc Dai further information, formerly, Board of Management Management Company and Development House Hanoi received a Disciplinary Board report Hai Ba Trung House Management and Development Company, about 4 rolling card player in an agency.

Through the report, the board of directors of the company disagrees with the level of the Disciplinary Panel. The level of processing is not satisfactory because there are not four people who can play the person who is the leader of the staff but the same level of discipline is not, Mr. Dai said.

It is well known that the Chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee has also asked the Home Office, Public Security and Society to verify and report on the case.

He asked four officials in Hanoi

Over the past few days, people have complained about a video clip with four people who were punishing each other on a silver screen in the form of …

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