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Three lessons from United victory against young boys

1. De Gea is always great

As much as possible after the victory of United against the young boys was the excellent performance of goalkeeper De Gea. Although in the last match he did not have to face so many dangerous situations, Spanish spell showed that intense focus was maintained during the match, so he managed to save the game. Suddenly seeing, but with great power, the exact court, De Gea pushed the ball into lime.

Utdu plays so badly that De Gea has admitted a lot this season, but it is certainly not the mistake of the Spanish goalkeeper in it. He had to find out that without the incredible stability of De Gea in a wooden frame, United would be even higher.

Currently, De Gea is unlikely to extend his contract to stay on the side of Old Trafford for a long time, but with what he shows, it is clear that Mourinho has called on Manchester Team leadership to soon. This subject is reasonable.

De Gea still plays well despite United's defense

De Gea still plays well despite United's defense

2. Utd has no progress.

Man Utd last weekend made fans disappointed with a goal against Crystal Palace in the 13th round of the Premier League. Compared with the previous match, the young boy's victory over Manchester United has made little progress. This game explains the same problem that "Reds" face in the last season, which is an expression of the level of weaker opponents.

Man Utd really did not dare to play a full-scale attack on young boys, but if they get all the power, the home side will have a big win, but they still focus on defense. Man Utd is back to the team when the ball is shadow, expressing a lack of creativity in the attack, so they do not put enough pressure on the team.

Manchester United fans' fog is depressing, many fans of this team have played five minutes before the end of the official game. Mourinho certainly must realize that Nemanja Matic needs a break, the Serbian player is overloaded. Besides the combination of the tall middle pair Matic and Marouane Fellaini, he can not try a small team because young boys should not try to force them to play next to each other.

Man Utd has not improved in recent matches

Man Utd has not improved in recent matches

3. Mourinho should change Man Utd?

Mourinho was very successful with counter-attacks with the team before, but that's not true in the current Utd. Owners of Old Trafford are afraid to attack, players on the front line are not convinced every time they have a ball, they lack fast attacks to knock their opponents. Because they often have to pay more attention to the defensive front.

Man Utd is poorly defended but defensive in defense, which is even more aggressive in the attacks. The question is why Man Utd has not changed tactics to a full attack, especially when the team has found it likely to succeed in accepting the change.

Mourinho had to admit that the second half of the game was better than the first half, because they always played higher in the second half. In the same match against young boys, the home side got into the second half with long shots against Fellaini, Lukaku in the box, which is a chance to be the target.

A good manager should know when to change trends. Mourinho's refusal to develop the team in the direction they have the best abilities, it will be hard to find success.

Lo defense, Man Utd is gradually forgetting the attack

Lo defense, Man Utd is gradually forgetting the attack


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