Three mistakes have resulted in the defeat of Manchester City

Manchester United has lost Mourinho quite easily, although Mourinho has a strict defense mindset when guests at Etihad. And here are the three mistakes that led to this defeat of the Reds.

Choose Lingard instead of Mata

Three mistakes have made Manchester City beat the picture

Mata Mourinho in high style, but in war

The mint impressive free kick helped revive Man United and returned to Juventus in the Turin midfield. Surprisingly, the Spaniard was only on the reserve list in a derby in Manchester.

The replacement is Jesse Lingard, a player who does not have a high form. At this point, Mata and Martial are the two lightest United pictures. And Mata from the starting set is Mourinho's obvious mistake.

Jesse Lingard really does not play well as a right-wing midfielder. However, he has to do this instead of Mata. With Mourinho's decision, it is difficult to understand that Mata is in high form and has great confidence. Despite being introduced in the second half, Mata's remaining time was not enough to change.

Use 3 pillars

Man United

MU does not complete the task either in the attack or in the defense


Coach Jose Mourinho used a complete death squad after receiving Paul Pogby's injury. He decided to use the trio players of the Matic, Herrera and Fellaini centers.

Man City is quite the opposite, when Fernandinho's only name is. The midfielder had the ability to threaten the enemy's target very scary. And the midfielder on the MU side can not help Red Devils push Ederson closer to the target.

Mourinho should use a midfielder who tends to attack like Fred. A Brazilian star came out in Bournemouth a week ago and was overwhelmed by breakthroughs and an incredibly creative pitch.

Defense of Mourinho is worth it. With an unpleasant center, defensive defense and De Gea's goal was unbelievable.

Do not expose altitude

Alexis Sanchez tran Man City 3-1 M.U.

Absence of high pressure is a MU fault

Man City went through the derby in Manchester 643 times. This is twice as much as Manchester United has made 319 passes.

This is understandable when Man United decided not to raise the ball without a ball and let City easily attack. Reds are just waiting to be able to steal the ball from the wrong opponent's stream, but the way you win this ball is as easy as the city rotates with such rapid world leadership.

In fact, every time Manchester United re-ball will lose quite easily when the enemy closes quickly. The ball up at the top level also did not work effectively when the Manchester United trio of bad hands guess.

Mourinho's team should learn to keep up with a high level immediately because no top team can easily lose the ball, especially the city of Pep Guardiola. At this age, controlling the ball can mean a lot of differences. By defeating the Premier League giants for a counter-attack situation, it's not as easy as defending your party on terrible terrain.

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