Trang Tran reveals what makes people surprised at the birthday of the girl

Waiting for his 3-year-old birthday, Trang Tran has decided to reveal his real name Kien Lua.

VIDEO: Trang Tran shares on pregnancy and childbirth.

Recently, Trang Tran and his mother personally prepared a cake, fruit and arranged place full of photos, balloons for girls, first birthday up to 3 years next to friends, relatives.

Trang Tran added that because he was busy with his work, he could not go back to Vietnam to attend his daughter's birthday party.

The first three years of the first child, the site on which he lives for some time - 1

Trang Tran's hand holds a 3 birthday party for his daughter.

On a warm feast, the real name Kien Lua was first revealed by Trang Tran. She named her daughter Mai Khoi in the hope that the sun is always warm. In addition, the former model also wrote a poem for his son's birthday, which caused many people to touch.

The first three years of the first child, the page was covered in the last two years.

Trang Tran first revealed his real name Mai Khoi.

The first three years of the first child, the site he talked about today.

Outstanding white birthday dresses.

We wish the firemen did not feel the lack of love on a special day, Tran Tran repeated a video call to their husband and children can chat.

For the past 3 years, Kien Fire has been motivated by Trang Tran to make every effort in life and work. Despite the reworking of exhaustion, Trang Tran is still striving for a stable economy well prepared for the child's future.

A 3 year old girl from the first child is offline

Trang Tran with her biological mother and several close friends to prepare her own cakes, fruit and arrange a space full of pictures, balloons … for girls.

The first three children of the first child, the page they talked about today.

Mai Khoi blows candles to celebrate the age of 3 years.

3 year old girl of the first child, fearing the current

Trang Tran and his daughter carved a birthday cake.

3 year old boy's first child is offline

Mr. Louis Tran called from his daughter's happy birthday.

The third child of the first child, the page he spoke of today.

The fire of fire is the great force of Trang Tran recently.

Trang Tran husband and wife celebrating a birthday girl at the age of 2 years

These are also the first birthday of Kien Lua Baby, held in the presence of Louis Tran's father.

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