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Trong recalled that the police force "does not establish the title", "material penetration"

In an interview with the Permanent Committee of the Central Party Committee on 28 November, Secretary General Nguyen Phu Trong praised the police's efforts to protect the party, protect the regime, keep the reminders of this power clean, good-natured, "do not rank" because "the material is fine.

"In the past, the task was to ensure national security drastically, preserving political security and not informing opposition political organizations in the hinterland. Crime prevention has reached and exceeded the goals set by the National Assembly, the NNA quoted Trong as praising the police in the presence of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and the Minister of Public Security Su Lam.

According to the head of the Party and the State, although some are negative, he does not deny the contributions of the police, "they helped protect the party, protect the regime, peace people, stable social policy, developed countries."

"He's recently visited many countries, he wants to learn the experience from Vietnam," Trong said.

In addition, the Vietnamese State Secretary praised police forces for their efforts to "streamline the organization, streamline staff" and make it "a clear place" for the party committee. central security in 2018.

"Why did Mr. Trong say it?" Said Pham Chi Dung, an observer of the political affairs of Vietnam. "The first thing is that he co-authored the restructuring plan of the Ministry of Public Security, which was introduced for 4, 5 years but not until 2018.

"At the end of 2017, Trong itself introduced a policy of restructuring the Ministry of Public Security, the first of which was the removal of the six General Departments within the Ministry of Public Security, with the entire Department within the Ministry of Defense being retained, and second, reducing the number of generals at the Ministry of Public Security. keep the number of generals at the Ministry of Defense. "Pham Chi Dung told VOA.

According to a researcher, the Public Security Department is an effective Nguyen Phu Trong in his anti-corruption campaign, known as the "burning campaign."

"So far, Mr. Trong has captured two of the most important posts in the Department of Public Security, specifically police investigations and security investigations, Lieutenant General Lieutenant General Trong Le Quy Vuong, and Lieutenant General Bui Van Nam has these two agencies. Pham Chi Dung said.

In the "burning campaign" phase, he enters a new phase that, according to TS. Pham Chi Dung is "stronger, more drastic and bloody," a "necessary condition" for the Ministry of Public Security. Trong has new words at the Ministry of Public Security, despite this year's scandals in the ministry.

"This is only the political movement of Nguyen Phu Trong only to the Public Security Department. What he thought was not what he said." Posted by Pham Chi Dung.

In addition to compliments, President Nguyen Phu Trong, Secretary-General of the Nguyen Phu Trong meeting on 28 November, also reminded the police force that it "does not fit the weight" against the "long-term enemy force", "innate internal degradation", "overcrowded petition" and "cyber-security.

He also stressed the need to build police forces that "honor, respect and respect".

"Honor is the most sacred thing, with time and material is enough." His father summed up: "Perfume is forever, purity, state, material, money." VNA quotes Trong as he says, "If we have power, we can feel it."

This is the first session of the Party's Central Party Committee because late Secretary General Nguyen Phu Trong, 74, took over the presidency late last month. He was the second leader of the Vietnam Communist Party after Ho Chi Minh, with two posts at a time.

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