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Updated STB, CTG, MSH

At the end of the fourth quarter of the announcement of the financial statement hundreds of businesses – most of them large businesses at the same time announced their business results. Among them are many notable names like Vingroup, Vinamilk, Novaland, Masan, Mobile World, HAGL …

Here is Profit before tax The fourth quarter and the whole of 2018 compared to the same period of some notable enterprises announced the report on the afternoon of 30 January.

Main points:

+ KBC, HDG, Khang Dien, Licogi 16 … recorded unexpected earnings in the fourth quarter as well as in 2018

+ A number of HAG and HNG shares suffered large losses in the fourth quarter

+ The profits of Vingroup and VinHomes, Vincom Retail grew strongly

+ Vinamilk's profits rose 28% in Q4, cumulative figure for the whole year fell slightly

+ Masan Group's earnings declined by 39% in the fourth quarter, up 51% overall. Masan Resources earnings were 3 times higher in 2018 than in the previous year

+ Mobile world earnings increased by 25% in the fourth quarter, an increase of 35% over the year

+ Eximbank lost 309 billion in the fourth quarter

+ Many steel companies suffered losses or reduced profits in the fourth quarter

[Cập nhật liên tục]    Hundreds of businesses have announced business results with many surprises at the same time - Photo 1.

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