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Vietnam is still worrying about a record set

Monday 26 November 2012 21:45 (GMT + 7)

Although he won the 2018 AFC Cup Cup with the upper part of Group A, he did not make goals, but the team could not absolutely assure the fans.

Most tables, but still afraid

The Vietnamese team achieved the goal of winning the first A Group, the AFF Cup 2018 after winning 3-0 against Cambodia. In addition to unbeaten recordings (3 victories, 1 draw), Reds also missed a goal, making the record two times in the group as the first team in the history of the AFF Cup (predecessor of the Tiger Cup). However, looking back at the pitch, clearly recruited Vietnam can not make the fans a calm absolute.

Set your record, hiring Vietnam is still worried - 1

Vietnam (left) can not snap in AFF Cup 2018 – Photo: AFF

During all four matches, Park Hang-seo is instructed to make sure the game is thoroughly assured. This game was an effective defense, but evidence that goalkeeper Dang Van Lam is not on the net to once pick the ball. But on the offensive, the Vietnamese team does not talk about a coherent and sharp need.

Even as a match against Cambodia, despite the weaker rivals in all respects, Park Hang-seo coaches still have many difficulties in reaching the goal. The match with Laos is similar, despite the fact that the red team has achieved three goals, the performance of Mr. Park's teachers does not say. But the culmination of the faded face of the public must mention the struggle against Myanmar, the match of Vietnam helpless at the scoring stage.

After four rounds, Park Hang-seo coach students shot 56 shots but only 28 of them reached the target and reached 50%. 28 times placed the ball in the right frame, recruited Vietnam scored only eight goals, reached 28.5%, very modest number. If the ability to end the attack soon improves, the teacher Mr. The park will certainly face many difficulties in the semifinals.

There is a noticeable point, Vietnam recruiting the transfer from defense to attack quite quickly and vice versa. However, the speed of rotation of the ball on the opponent's side of the red shirt is not high. Players take a long time before starting a pass, suppressing the pace of the attack, losing surprise, and defending the opponent's defense at the same time.

Lack of concrete plans

According to expert Nguyen Thanh Vinh, in terms of overall, recruiting Vietnam successfully around the table, he completed the target group. However, the selection of Vietnam still exists, the most obvious is the ability to control the ball against opponents: "We see in the match against Malaysia and Myanmar, the Vietnamese team that controls the ball is quite bad. Vietnam is hard to keep clean, I feel the team has not achieved the best physical condition. "

Meanwhile, the expert Le The Tho frankly, the performance of the red team in Table A is convincing. "The opponents are under force, but Laos and Cambodia are weaker, but the Vietnam team does not seem overwhelming." The problem with Vietnam is that we lack concrete plans to organize attacks to resolve the stages that have been recorded before rivals under or under. against strong teams in Asia, however, in the Southeast Asian arena, when the opponents are not strong and do not lay the game on us, we are unhappy, "said Tho.

Disagreement with the opinion of two specialists, coach Le Thuy Hai said he hates Vietnam, nothing is virulent: "We won 4 games, 3 we drew 1, the top of the table is so good, Park Hang-Seo trainer has detailed plans for each match, For example, in the last round, Park brought Tien Linh and Hong Duy to the court to create new features in the attack. Of course, from the point of view of the Hang-Seo Park coach, tactical adjustments are still needed, but I think his control.

Coach Le Thuy Hai and two experts said they wanted to know that the real strength of the Vietnam team had to wait until the semifinals, but the round trip did not say much.

AFF Cup final round: Quang Hai, Van Duc clear

Quang Hai and Phan Van Duc were nominated for the "best goal" of the final round of AFF Cup 2018.

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