Vietnam wins Malaysia, "a charming little girl" promised to send pictures

Sobota, 17.11.2018 00:06 (GMT + 7)

Shocking statement about the hot girl Thuy Tien is nostalgic, which is interested in many people on November 16th.

24h HOT: Vietnam wins Malaysia,

In support of the Vietnam Match against Malaysia at the AFF Cup in 2018, Thuy Tien's "Hot Girl Who Danced" drew much attention in preparing a special statement. Due to the busy schedule, he can not be present at My Dinh to cheer up the player. The hot girl, however, said that if Vietnam's victories prevailed, she would turn into angels' lingerie to share with the players and the home country.

After hiring Vietnam to win 2: 0 against Malaysia's opponent, many fans are waiting for a "hot hand" image of "hot girls sleeping".

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24h HOT: Vietnam wins Malaysia,

Not only did "hot girl sleep" nod Thuy Tien, runner Khanh Phuong also expressed absolute support to the home team. She said she always watched the matches of the Vietnamese team and did not forget Quang Hai's "Rainbow Snow".

In addition to showing support, Khanh Phuong also recommended that the fans should not be too aggressive, not to let the flares touch the players.

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24h HOT: Vietnam wins Malaysia,

Recently, the Internet community appears when the reputation of Thuy Nga comedy suddenly died, leaving millions of dollars in the United States. The information was not confirmed but caused many viewers in panic and anxiety.

Amidst the legend that spreads through the social network, Thuy Nga has made an appeal. The actress said: "Early in the morning, I listen to the fans of the phone to shake, to ask if I live or die?

Thuy Nga even half-heartedly said that at this point even 1 million MND for breakfast did not have, so the more she does not have to leave the huge million-dollar wealth in the US.

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24h HOT: Vietnam wins Malaysia,

After more than a year of farewell to the Frenchman, Duong Khac Linh recently surprised many viewers when he acknowledged the relationship with Sara Liu. Asked about the reason for publishing the relationship at this time, Father "Does not like the habit" said he was invited by a girlfriend to attend the opening of a new MV. However, conversation with the media, people just ask a few about privacy. "I was attacked," the male musician explained.

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24h HOT: Vietnam wins Malaysia,

Recently singer Nguyen Tran Trung Quan said the Changjiang woman was disillusioned even though the singer was actively apologizing. The voice "On Your Memory" shared, right after the "oral" revelation of the privacy of Nha Phuong, he apologized to the beautiful. However, the actress "Youth bar" does not respond to the message, but only the message has been seen.

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