What color is Derby Manchester?

What color is Derby Manchester?
Facebook is a place where people find lots of interesting things but also a little stupid. For example: "What character do you belong to?", "How rich are you?" Or "What color is your life?". These are mostly nonprofit applications, but they are accompanied by countless threats such as password theft and personal information on Facebook.

"What color is your life?" It provides some basic colors and a difficult explanation of the user's ego. What is generous, responsible, friendly, dedicated, kind, proud … though this account innocently stoned evil on the Internet. Of course, this explanation must be good because it's cruel and they want to entice people to click.

Life is colorless, only in the mind of man that it has color. In love, purple color, love turns into a violet pink melon card, new salary, shimmering colors, losing dark black eyes. Not as solid as Manchester derby color, only two colors: blue or red.
This color separation is simply based on the desire to distinguish itself and its rivals, especially when the opponent is more successful, more crazy. Since Red had chosen a red color, she could not choose a color of red and blue. Given that United was extremely successful, Man City had to be more successful. This is what is usually seen in football.

This different choice of color comes from the view of you and your opponent. The city of Zelena is the color of sunny days, suitable for the city of the ancient city – as a nickname of self-proclaimed Citizens – go to the kitchen knife. Contrasts with flaming red steams in the Manchester Industrial Revolution in Manchester.

The city man emphasizes this difference in origin. They were thinking themselves upstairs, eating a mouthpiece, installing a Moonlight Sonata on a ringing phone, and other port workers, drinking a cup, chewing sandwiches not closing their mouths, a lifetime of banh You know the theater outside of Old Trafford.

This pride is manifested by its name and nickname. They are heaven, city, city and, of course, noble. Pride is on the rise as money from the Middle East plunges to lift the team into giants. But deep inside, Manchester City is so hot when the performance gap and the brand between itself and United is too big.

Meanwhile, United is proud of its red. With a red and ocean symbol, they put the team out of the dust, thanks to a donkey dog ​​that avoided the air crash to become the largest team. Premier League.

They turned Port of Manchester outside Liverpool Harbor to become the busiest and richest port of England. They also overcame Liverpool to become the most successful football teams in the country, European champions in the golden era and the best football club in the world over the years.

Tonight, what color derby in Manchester? It will surely be the color of money and blood!

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