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What does the National Director of Buying Rumors say for Minh Tu? | Entertainment

The rumors of Vietnamese candidates who bought Misses made several national directors a few days in some complaints. After receiving information and feedback from organizers in Poland, Miss Hai Duong – Miss National Vietnamese Director – Urgently Shared on page 28/11. They claim that this is unjustified information.

"It's the seventh time when I got information from the organizers, they are upset to hear such rumors, I need to take things to show that we are transparent and that Minh Tu is a fighter, I am really in this competition," she said.

Hai Duong felt the disadvantage of Minh Tu because she saw her trying to be beautiful every day. "Honestly, I did not see a local representative who is brave and longing to express himself as Minh Tu on the international scene. That's why I chose Tu instead of Ngoc Chau (Miss Universe National 2018 in August.) This year I want a person who she sent me, she could do an exam so the audience could boast, "she said.

Minh said she reads crew sharing and tries to avoid suicide. "I know that there is a need for peace and a long-awaited plan ahead of major events, I have to prove worthwhile, the support of the audience. Representing Vietnam in every activity will be the most accurate and practical answer for those who are interested in me," she said.

Miss Supranational 2018 is half way from 19/11. Minh Tu is one of the few contestants who have noticed from the start. Information and representations of Vietnamese representatives have always received the same and more significant share of the social network of the competition. She is also often included in a group of selected photographers for the sponsor who is involved in edge activities.

Missosology forum evaluation Minh Here as "thunder" at the event. They invited her to the first interview and introduced the photo as a representative of the competition documents. Not just score points, style Professional, this forum appreciates the friendly nature of Vietnamese beauties in side activities. At the exchange party for the first day in Poland, Minh Tu placed Philippine candidates lend a skirt "rivals" have lost their luggage, although they have to wear this costume.

Miss Supranational was first held in 2009. At present, the competition is the top 6 beauty contest in the world, Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss Earth and Miss Grand. International. Miss Jenny Kim (South Korea) passes her crown to her successor on December 7 in Poland.

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