Which team has the highest power in the AFF Cup?

Vietnam kicked off the AFF Cup on November 8 with Laos on the field. Despite the words "frighten" from an opponent, Vietnam played the game completely on foot and won with a score of 3-0. Not only did he win the scoring differences, he also gained mainly Vietnam over Laos, but it is easy to understand that Vietnam's football goalkeeper Van Lam has 90 minutes to play.

It took eight days to rest, which partly affects the preparation of the Vietnamese team, because if you look at the main tournaments in the world, no team at eight days will play for the next game. second. However, this did not affect the style of teacher teacher Park Hang Seo, the Vietnamese team played a good game and in the next match won 2: 0 against Malaysia.

Vietnamese team (red shirt) representing the game on foot in front of Malaysia

Vietnamese team (red shirt) representing the game on foot in front of Malaysia

Just a little more than Laos, Malaysia does not leave much emphasis on the match with Vietnam. The only sign of the team, Tan Cheng Hoe was a free kick from the penalty area in the second half but the ball was not enough to defeat goalkeeper Van Lam.

To be honest, to see that Malaysia is not playing well in Vietnam, if you look at the performance of this team in the matches before Cambodian Laos, they have found that they have not made any clear progress. Before Malaysia, Malaysia received a lot of balls when Park Hang Seo coach made defensive games, the ownership ratio over time, almost doubling Vietnam time.

Malaysia attacked the mainstream by striking the ball, but the image often found that their players were in trouble, hurried, and then had to go back. It just takes time to make their game more stuck. Because there are no sharp attacks, Malay's power is harmless.

Of course, to make Malaysia "cat litter" must see the main reason lies in the excellent defensive ability of the team of Vietnam, specifically coach Park Hang Seo created a very standard set In 90 minutes, with additional seats, support for himself very accurate. Thanks to a good team in Vietnam, Malaysia is a scam that can not go through.

The biggest impression of Vietnam in the match against Malaysia is the defense tactic of Park Hang Seo. In a counterattack, if there are two goals from the German stage, Cong Phuong, but in terms of the number of opportunities they can create, Vietnam can still get better, in other words, the Vietnamese recruits do not really match Malaysia.

Malaysia (yellow shirt) did not show a stable game in the AFF Cup after three matches

Malaysia (yellow shirt) did not show a stable game in the AFF Cup after three matches

Until that moment, Vietnam has not achieved the best performance at AFF Cup 2018. The question is whether the Vietnamese team will start matches against Myanmar or Cambodia in the last two rounds of Table A or not? Maybe not, because Myamnar and Cambodia are not comparable to Vietnamese competitors, which is even more important with the status, the Vietnamese team does not have to dig.

After two victories, the Vietnamese team will get six points and will most likely reach the semifinals. Even in the worst case he lost Myamar, the door to the Vietnam semi-finals is still in hand when the match against Cambodia on the home court on 24.11. So there is no doubt that Vietnam will be in the spotlight, with a long-distance battle, Park Hang Seo will have to calculate the guarding power and may have to listen to the results from Table B to find out. Competitors compete in the semifinals.

So it can be seen in the AFF Cup 2018 team, the team of Vietnam will not show its utmost strength. It comes after the group stage, when the rivals are "snake", and will have to play in the knock-out mode.


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