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White skin smooth as Pomelos Mai Ngoc Phuong Mai Phuong Thuy Sister

Wednesday, 28/11/2018 18:46 (GMT + 7)

"Dependence" mask is one of the secrets of helping Mai Phuong Thuy young skin smooth, pink.

Smooth white skin like grapefruit from the Mai Phuong Thuy Sister - 1

Many times, Miss Mai Phuong Thuy shows a photo with a twin sister

Mai Phuong Thuy is the girl's name Mai Ngoc Phuong, born in 1993. She has a beautiful look no less than her sister with a height of 1m72 and the face of love. Compared to twelve years before the arrival of his sister at the coronation airport, Ngoc Phuong is now a lot different. It's a clear demonstration of the movement to prove "successful puberty" today. Many times, Miss Mai Phuong Thuy shows a photo with Ngoc Phuong, saying that two people are twins.

Smooth white skin as a grapefruit from Mai Phuong Thuy - 2

Mai Ngoc Phuong's "successful puberty" after 12 years

Ngoc Phuong has skin bleaching, smooth as a baby's skin. Although there was a period of acne, but thanks to scientific care, it solved this problem thoroughly.

Every day he shared his beautiful skin, Ngoc Phuong said: "My white skin is partly due to my mother, but it's pretty thin so I have to take care of it. I use a sunscreen to protect my skin even in rainy days.

Mai Ngoc Phuong keeps the habit of using a mask three times a week for a healthy, shiny complexion. She turned out to gather paper masks and use what she did.

Beauty adds vitamin daily to the skin to make it truly beautiful from the inside. "I drink a lot of nice powder every day, 1 cup of soy milk, 1 cup of orange juice, 1 cup of roasted black beans and plenty of water." Ngoc Phuong said.

Smooth white skin as Grapefruit Sisters Mai Phuong Thuy - 3

Due to full moisture, careful care, Mai Ngoc Phuong skin is cracked in winter

There are two indispensable works in skin care Mai Ngoc Phuong's: Apply sunscreen in the morning and remove make-up in the evening. Cleaning also plays an important role in the beauty process. Before bedtime, she always removes makeup and then cleanses her face, even without makeup.

Earlier, when a rash, Ngoc Phuong used the following to destroy them: "I'm going to regularly take acne, I use skin care products to suit my skin and then treat bruises. A lot of months to completely new skin I've also left for a long time to eat sweet and greasy foods to prevent further acne."

Not only skin care, Ngoc Phuong has also divided the beauty of the entire skin. "With my whole body I also peel twice a week and I use lotion every day." When I go out, I always spray a sunscreen to protect my whole body from the sun. " Beautiful people share.

Due to the principles of careful skin care, as outlined above, Mai Ngoc Phuong skin has smooth smugglers.

White skin smooth as grapefruit from Mai Phuong Thuy - 4 Sister

White skin smooth as grapefruit sister Mai Phuong Thuy - 6

White Grapefruit Grapefruit May Phuong Thuy - 7

The beautiful face with white skin is the culmination of the beauty of Mai Ngoc Phuong

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