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Why did European trainers fail in the Asian Cup in 2019?

The best-known and most successful European coach who competes in the Asian Cup in 2019 is coach Marcello Lippi (Italian) who holds a Chinese team.

In the past, this man once won the World Cup (with the Italian team in 2006) and the UEFA Champions League (with the Juventus club in 1996). Many coaches in the world have achieved remarkable successes, such as coach Marcello Lippi, but eventually the famous Italian coach has still failed.

Lippi also fought with the Chinese team after defeating 0-3 in Iran in the quarterfinals this year, a match that football players come from the most populous country in the world completely under the opponent. 3 times Asian championship.

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Coach Marcello Lippi farewell to the Chinese team after the Asian Cup in 2019

Other characters are also known as coach Hector Cuper (Argentina), leading the Uzbekistan team at the Asian Cup in 2019. Hector Cuper has in the past brought the Valencia club twice to the UEFA final. Champions League 2000 (Lost Real Madrid) and 2001 (Lost with Bayern Munich).

In 2019, however, Hector Cuper's Asian Cup team stopped shortly after the fifth round of an overtaking in Australia in the eighth round.

Another famous person is coach Alberto Zaccheroni (Italian) SAE team, a man who in 1999 won Serie A with AC Milan and won the 2011 Asian Cup with a Japanese team.

But to the Asian Cup in 2019, Zaccheroni … from the franchise looked helplessly at home team SAE won in the semifinal 4-0.

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Coach Carlos Queiroz also watched helplessly as Iran failed in the Asian Cup

"Out of License" is also possible the word for Iranian coach Carlo Queiroz. Although he is in the hands of a very strong force, one of Asia's largest football platforms, Mr. Queiroz is still patient to see that Iran is presented by Japan in the semifinals with a score of 3-0.

We are not talking about Sven Goran Eriksson (Sweden), who led the Philippines team and was eliminated in the group.

In general, these coaches have only the reputation of being famous, but their methodicals are obsolete, the ability to read the game is much more limited than if they were at the top.

Even the enthusiasm of the above trainers is not thrilled, because if they are still talented and still used, they may continue to work in Europe, even in Asia, the capital. have a lower football background.

As a result, it is only possible that coach Lippi could not help the Chinese team change the situation when Iran won 3-0, which is unlikely to happen when the famous coach "Old Fox" is still a golden age.

Similarly, this is the case of coach Carlosa Queiroz when Iran lost Japan 0-3 in the semifinal and coach Alberto Zaccheroni when SAE beat 0-4 against Qatar also in the semifinals. Their name is still as famous as alcohol, but in fact their ability to keep soldiers the same!

Felix Sanchez Bas (Spaniard) is the most successful European trainer in the Asian Cup in 2019 and in the final was with Qatar. But in the ranks of cars leaving the "old continent" Felix Sanchez Bas is not classified as a celebrity. He lived in Qatar since 2006, at the beginning of the Aspire Institute (Qatar), so he almost became a native of Western Asia!

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