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Saturday, 10/11/2018 08:10 (GMT + 7)

The owner of the erotic skirt certainly made me drink wine to celebrate the day she was born …

To set through education, knowledge that does not just want to realize that the dream is not easy to reach everyone! I am one of those young men who have a burning desire to change their lives, they rise with education, but finally, after a two-fold package on the entrance examinations of the city hall, I slipped still sliding.

Thinking of his long, broad shoulder, 20 new age categories can not afford to hold sunshine, two deer parents to dream of industry while the other parent is afraid of her sister My youngest sister just entered class III, so I courageously asked father, mother, give me the opportunity.

You work all the way home because the rich lady leaves ... loves the spell? - 1


Not surprisingly, on the contrary, I integrate into the urban environment quite quickly. With the amount of money left by my parents home, the same amount of money was gathered during the summer holidays to work as an employee in the district market, rent a room, and found a favorite restaurant near where they live.

There is a young age, inherited high shape, a healthy father, a face with many fine features, good looks good mother, used to work from small, so it is not difficult for me to be the owner of the building Building materials are very expensive customers who have a good salary.

There is no need to judge that the boss is wealthy because out of business, the majestic owner also has 3 floors adjacent to the luxurious architecture. Just curious, surprised that her boss is almost 40 years old, but since I came here to work, I've never seen my husband, my children.

And then my question is answered when one of her co-workers said her husband had divorced her husband for several years, her husband and two children living in some way in a remote country … I do not know of compassion is available in me or the heart of a young the man never ever dwindled my life, I see the scene for my master.

When I was at the shop, my employee still licked me, cleaned out and greeted the homeowners. I also know a little smart about electricity, water, so sometimes in the store or home of her boss problems I am also willing to repair, to replace that the owner does not have to hire workers.

After 1 year of work for my employer, I increased my wages, bonuses on the lunar New Year, and especially in my favor to stay in the shop without rent. I know, my boss, believe me, the more I try, the hard work and not the sharp thing when the boss needs …

The owner of her 37th birthday, I was really terrible last night that the boss had personally invited me to the house. There is no one except me and my lover, in a dim light of a pink candle that radiates ecstatic incense, in a melancholic melody rising somewhere mysteriously mistress with the most erotic skirt. I drank the wine to celebrate the day she was born … Liquid wine along with live leadership, the master version turned me into a man at night.

For two years, I was an employee of the owner during the day, I was "served" by night at the request of a woman than I did. In return, I have money, a lot of money I can spend, buy, send home to my father, mother, to care for my life later.

I thought everything in the darkness of my fate, the cool roofs a week ago, my mom called me to see the girl's face, and then take care of my grandmother if possible. The owner or message came out immediately, claiming I had her love spells so I could easily escape, the camera in her house kept her blanket and pillow, and every time I got the "rain", the camera would not even make it.

She told me that after paying all the money she had received and accepted her to announce the affection between us, she let me go home freely home to my wife! What face did I face in front of my father, mother in town or neighbor, if this ominous story was exposed?

Couples are also embarrassing, young fathers grandparents cover the reason why they can hardly accept

It would be nothing if my wife left that day and forgot to take the phone. Some phones are constantly calling …

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