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Apple leaves Facebook campus in conflict with abolition of permissions | Technology

Apple has left Facebook's campus, contrary to how the company has revoked social networking permissions to build or run apps only for employees. Employees were allegedly left unable to read a menu, require inter-company transport or use versions of their own social networking applications.

This step took place on Wednesday, the day after it was discovered that Facebook had allegedly used a gap in Apple's approval system to block rules that banned data collection about what applications are installed on the user's phone. Facebook Research, the application it paid to users of up to 13 years of age who installed their iPhone traffic through its own company servers, was built with the EDC, issued by Apple, to companies that need to build applications for internal use.

Apple has abolished EDC on Facebook and says Guardian: "Our Enterprise Developer Program was designed exclusively for internal distribution of applications within the organization, and Facebook is using its membership to distribute the data collection application to consumers, a clear violation of their agreement with Apple. a developer who uses his company certificates to distribute apps to customers will have his certificates canceled, which we have done in this case to protect our users and their data. "

The appeal was not affected by Facebook Research alone. Every application created by EDC has been dropped and users could not even open programs from their home screens. This included an internal trial version of Facebook and Instagram, which was widely distributed to employees so they could experience newer features before being made available to the general public. After the cancellation, these employees had to download downloaded iOS app versions from the Apple App Store.

But Apple's response has also hit some basic infrastructure built into Facebook's offices, especially its headquarters in Menlo Park, California. According to internal remarks made by Business Insider, applications such as Ride that allow employees to operate a shuttle between buildings across the company's large premises and a mobile home information portal for employees.

Facebook was approached for comment.

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