"Catholic priest attempts to love mother in bed"

The juvenile affair between the Roman Catholic priest from Bulaway and the secret lover, which resulted in pregnancy and the payment of the lobes, was exposed after the priest tried to bed his mother.

Catholic priests are sworn to celibacy. Father Fernando Ncube (43) from the Church of St. Pija in Njube was reportedly married last year with Mrs. Bridget Moya (31) and the two kept their relationship with the secret of the world until she felt betrayed.

When she spoke of a chronicle, Mrs. Moyo opened up on the matter when she said she fell in love with her before she told her she was a priest, and she only discovered the truth when she was crazy about him.

She delivered these papers with many photographs of both in compromise positions, as well as during a vacation in South Africa. There are also pictures of a priest with family members of a woman who include her grandmother, a child of a previous relationship and an uncle.

Chronicle also has her interviews with WhatsApp. Mrs. Moyo said she had a romantic relationship with the priest for over a year before deciding to pay the lobbies.

In the beginning, some members of the family were against the union just to warm up to him when he helped them.

"When I started going with him, he did not tell me he was a priest, I later found out, but I could not say goodbye to him because I loved him, I was pregnant and we decided to get married, but he first got a relationship to my happiness," she said .

"I protected him and kept marriage secret in the conflict with some members of my family who did not accept us." "Our marriage was one of the ideal ones." "He won everybody's heart when my brother blessed our union."

Moyo said she had suffered an abortion in January this year. The couple now have problems and Mrs. Moyo said it was due to an attempt by Ncube's father to have sex with her mother.

"We used to have little quarrels like any other couple, but for him, trying to sex with my biological mother broke my heart, even if she apologizes, it's hard to forget," she said.

Moyo said that on August 5, Father Ncube threw a party for her 31st birthday, and her mother came from South Africa where she was supposed to start the event. At the end of the party, they all went to the home of a priest in the suburb of Njub, where they sneaked into their mother's blankets while everyone was asleep.

"He left our room for the toilet and delayed the return I had to follow him to see what was happening When I walked through the room where my mom slept I saw my mother having a company I opened the door and I saw him in bed naked, "said Moyo.

She said she apologized for thinking it was their bedroom. Right now, the relationship has worsened, and Mrs Moyo claims the priest has gone with another girl.

"Since we've been fighting, I get calls from a girl who threatens me to leave Fernando alone, saying she has a relationship with him," she said.

Mrs. Moyo said she had long sought the intercession of the other priests without success. When Moyo's mother, Melody Ndlov, was approached by The Chronicle, she sent a sound record that confirmed that Father Ncube was in her blankets while she slept, seemingly dirty, in his church residence at night.

"Fernando paid the lobbies, and we have the records as a proof of payment, paid for isivulamlomo, kangaziwe and part of the lobo," she said.

However, Father Ncube denied having a relationship with Moya. He said he knew her from her "residential neighborhood" in Luve, which Mrs Moyo had refused.

Father Ncube said, "She is lying, I'm not married, trying to drag my name into mud because we have a misunderstanding, I borrowed $ US $ 1,000 and $ 900 worth of debts to start trading money right now, she refuses to return money."

He said Mrs. Moyo threatened to stop asking for money, otherwise he humiliated him. When pictures of Mrs. Ncube were shown to him in compromising positions, he remained unmistakably unmistakable.

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