China will grow the first life ever made on the surface of the Moon

China has consolidated itself in books on human history by being the first country ever to grow in biological life on the surface of the Moon.


China recently launched its space mission called "Changes 4". The aim of the mission was to successfully land on the far side of the Moon to gain intelligence and perform tests that have never been done. & # 39; Chang & # 39; 4 & # 39; had a successful soft landing, and within his cargo was soil containing cotton and potato seeds, yeasts and fruit flies. Now the information was handed back to China from the craft with the news that cotton seeds now grow buds, indicating "the completion of the first human experiment on the moon".

Why is it relevant and extremely important? Well, now that we have evidence that biological life can begin to grow at extremely different levels of gravity, future astronauts with the aim of colonizing the moon now have the opportunity to grow food naturally in a controlled environment. This would be useful when the human race decides to begin building the Moon's infrastructure with the ultimate goal of thinking that it will finally use the moon as a space port for a journey from Earth to Mars or the surrounding planets.

Here's the quote of Professor Xie Gengxin, chief designer of the "We were thinking about future survival in the universe. Learning to grow these plants in a low-gravity environment would allow us to lay the foundations for our future foundation of the space base."

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