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Cleveland police use NASA's Mars landing to make a point about winter drivers – BGR

As someone who lives in a state known for bad winter I can totally sympathize with Cleveland residents who have to deal with nasty winter weather. The Cleveland Police, on the other hand, are clearly happy to have some fun at their city's commuters and used NASA's recent Mars InSight landing as an opportunity to have a little fun at the expense of anyone on the city's snow covered roads.

A tweet from the official Cleveland Police account on Twitter, in which the cops roast winter drivers, noting that NASA has sent a spacecraft of hundreds of millions of miles with utter precision, is cop humor at its finest.

"NASA sent a space ship from Earth THREE HUNDRED MILLION MILES to Mars and landed it perfectly," the tweet reads. "You guys can drive in the snow."

Okay, so let's break this down a bit, because it's worth appreciating: First, whoever is manning the Cleveland Police Twitter Handle did their research before typing. Rather than simply Googling the "distance between Mars and Earth" or something similar, the person actually took the time to look up how far InSight traveled. Since Mars and the Earth are in different orbits around the Sun, the distance between the two planets changes over time, so it's important to get it right.

Secondly, the lander really did touch it pretty much perfectly, at least according to everything NASA has said about the landing sequence and coverage we've all seen during NASA live stream. There was a chance that InSight might have landed on a rock or boulder, skewing its orientation and making things a bit more difficult (or even severely hindering its abilities). Thankfully that did not happen, especially for the sake of this tweet.

And lastly, since I've witnessed the sheer ineptitude of many winter drivers myself, I can say with complete certainty that lots of people completely forget how to drive once the snow starts to fly. The Cleveland cops are spot on, and it's like half the drivers on the road have never seen snow before. They drive either way too fast (and sliding past stop signs) or way too slow (safe but bit annoying nonetheless).

Hats off to whoever was behind the tweet, and good luck to all the sane winter drivers out there.

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