Colonel is back in Zim, but!


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Fast Food Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Africa, which closed all of its restaurants in the country a month ago, reopened the restaurant.

In their statement, KFC Africa – franchising in Zimbabwe said they are thrilled to be reopened.

"We are pleased to announce that we have reopened our restaurants that have been closed as a result of recent currency changes affecting Zimbabwe, which has affected our offer and operations.

"As a KFC Africa, we continue to be committed to supporting the economy by contributing to the socio-economic development of the country, as one of our restaurant teams, and we would like to welcome home and our loyal customers are looking forward to creating another Finger Lickin Good moments ", read the statement.

The first day of the reopening took place as usual at the Bulawayo and Victoria Falls branches when the cars drove to get their favorite dishes and snacks.

However, many were amazed at the new prizes when the popular Streetwise Two, which was before closing $ 5.50, is now $ 9. 21 pieces of food is now up to $ 70 from $ 34, while 15 dishes are now $ 50. The four now wounded wings now cost $ 8.

Commenting comedian Carl Joshua Ncube: "Eish, KFC prizes in Zimbabwe are expensive licking wallets."

"Overpriced is not even the correct description … Curious," remarked one Kristoffer Young.
Another, Sharon Wilson, said, "They will close the door soon, because no one can afford KFC food at such a price."

KFC, which terminated operations in Zimbabwe during the 2007 economic challenges, was reopened in Harare in 2014. The branch of Bulawayo was opened in August last year.

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