Thursday , September 19 2019
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"Conan Unconquered" clip shows 20 minutes of Co-op footage – Variety

Developer Petroglyph released a new gameplay clip of upcoming real-time strategic title "Conan Unconquered", with 20 minutes of co-op footage.

"Conan Unconquered" is the first strategy game that takes place in the world of "Conan Barbarian" and offers a fully functional mode in which players can work together to build their own bases and back-attack forces. The latest clip from the game allows players to see this kind of game in action like Petroglyph designer Renato Orellana and Funcom community manager Jens Erik Vaaler work together to defeat their enemies.

Co-op is optional because there is also a complete single player campaign where players will face more waves of enemies in increasing numbers and difficulties. The core of the game surrounds the building fortresses that will not come by waves of enemies, as well as other defensive measures. While the game takes place in real time, it may be paused for players to issue orders and start building new buildings that a horde of spearmen, scorpions, necromancers, and other brutal enemies must wait to continue the siege.

Funcom promises "bloody battles" to find players dealing with the desolation of their forts and "heaps of deaths and deaths".

"Conan Unconquered" is available for pre-order on PC with the impending release date of May 30th.

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