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Jacob Mafume

The MDC would like to inform the public and the media that the testimonies attributed to party leaders who are allegedly involved in the fighting are fake.

Cllr Jacob Mafume, MDC National Speaker
Cllr Jacob Mafume, MDC National Speaker

To avoid any doubt, Vice President Prof Welshman Ncube, Vice President Eng. Elias Mudzuri, and Defense and Security Minister Giles Mutsekwa did not publish a statement attributed to them both in the mainstream and in the social media.

The testimonies are false reports and a clear sign of the desperation of those who have not provided an alternative to MDC Reclamation of the Zimbabwean Agenda against the background of the crisis of legitimacy.

In the middle of this crisis, the MDC is focusing on strengthening the only credible alternative to the people. We are clear on the path to legitimacy; five point plan announced by President Chamisou provides the basis. Fractionism is not part of the recipe.

We assure the nation that the people's party will remain united, strong and agenda-focused to win victory and change the lives of Zimbabwean people.

Behold, New. The change it brings!

Clr Jacob Mafume
MDC National Spokesman

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