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DSTV South Africa Versus Netflix: DSTV Adds Multiple Users in 2018 Despite Netflix, It May Change

So there's a myth that DSTV and Netflix are like Tom and Jerry. We always try to cooperate with DSTV, as the clever and clever Jerry uses his greedy taste in the form of exclusive deals like all of their important EPL marketers to avoid anyone who might want to steal their market share.

The story goes on to say that the reason why Netflix in Africa has not yet achieved, as in the developing world, is that our Internet is upset. If we had the great internet they have in the UK and the US, all the millenaries would get to the streaming platform and start crazy watching things.

Good South Africa (BRICS) is the closest thing we have developed in Africa that we have and have affordable internet packages that allow them to have Netflix at cheaper prices than the DSTV premium. Initial data seems to indicate that DSTV lost Netflix's premium subscribers. In the first quarter of 2018, subscribers, according to data published by MyBroadBand, excluded hundreds of thousands of DSTVs.


The number of DSTV participants actually increased in 2018

According to data released last year by Naspers boys, DSTV, the total number of DSTV participants in Africa actually rose by 14% to just under 14 million compared to the previous year. 7.2 million of them came from South Africa, a figure that grew by almost 300,000 subscribers. These figures were in September 2018, and I would expect DSTV to add even more numbers in the last two quarters, as they are traditionally two quarters when consumers spend more.

Not all good news, although Netflix certainly has an impact on DSTV's business. Despite the increase in the number of participants, the average revenue per user (ARPU) in the South African market decreased. People seem to be moving from a Premium bouquet to a cheaper one, so they can watch sports on DSTV and binge watches on their favorite shows at Netflix at the same time. In this way, they can have the best of both worlds and that is understandable.

DSTV's exclusive rights are now rescuing, but that will not last

It seemed that DSTV's fortress is now holding, thanks to its brown ditch, a stretch of siege, the exclusive content that is about to change. South African Radio and Television Broadcasting Institutions, ICASA, are preparing amendments that break the DSTV Sports Monopoly in South Africa.

In fact, similar legislation is considered by other countries, which are undermined by the fact that the rights holders and the DSTV company enter into these exclusive contracts covering their countries without consulting them, which results in the DSTV being essentially a monopoly on their area.

DSTV will be fine for a long time

As we said in our opening, fast internet remains a problem, because most of them will stream the participants. Before you look at streaming, you need at least 5 mbps unaltered connection and that's not something that a lot of people have on the African continent. In fact, due to fair use of policies and throttling, you may need something ten times faster.

With DSTV you only need decoder and food. No thirsty shit and just pay a fixed fee. The downside is that you lose a little control over what you want to watch, but you can mitigate it by using tech as PVR. In fact, a good internet connection gives you access to the Showmax and Supervision. So DSTV will probably be fine for a long time.

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