Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber seem to confirm marriage

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Hailey Baldwin seems to confirm that she and Justin Bieber are married by changing her name to Hailey Bieber's Instagram.

Justin also shared a picture of the couple along with the description: "My wife is amazing."

21-year-old model and pop superstar have announced they have secretly married in September.

Hailey, who has 15.4 million followers, has changed both her grip and her bio.

It sounded like he had been married two months ago in New York two months ago, but Hailey denied it at that time.

She and Justin, who are 24, announced their commitment in July. Justin wrote to Instagram: "Hailey, I fell in love with everything about you!

"So determined to spend your life recognizing every single part of you that loves you patiently and kindly.

"My heart is full and full, and I will always make you the first time!

"You are the love of my life, Hailey Baldwin, and I would not want to spend it on anyone else."

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Justin stops at a fountain in Buckingham Palace to sing songs for Hailey on a trip to London in September.

Justin has 102 million followers on Instagram, while Hailey has 15.4.

TMZ states that Hailey has already filed a trademark with its new name in order to use it for goods and to stop someone else.

Hailey was seen on Thursday evening by Bieber on the back of a denim jacket at the Levi event in New York City.

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