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Robert Mukondiwa

It was a furious debate that threatens to set up an emergency session of the Security Council on the United Nations. And unlike the past when Jah Prayzah will sit out, they also wear gloves that blame graft media, blackmail attempts and an attempt to get him to pay a little shakedown.

Jah Prayzah explains the meaning
Jah Prayzah in the song "Chitubu"

"It will hurt that after lighting all night and sleepless nights for a product most of you said you love so dearly, a journalist still thinks I owe him some of his fruit," said Jah Prayzah in the social media.

That's scary stuff. The fruit of Jah Prayasy is targeted. Though one could be naively confused because one barely suspects that he has a lousy crocodile set. But that would be graduation.

There are two different teams. Some who call "Chitubu" are a terrible album that does not stand for their kindness, and others who say it's the best of sliced ​​bread. The war in this war barely sits.

Some say it is a water spring (Chitubu), which is overcrowded with cool, refreshing spring water so fresh that it can extinguish the thirst of an Arabian passenger coming on foot. At the other end, people say it's a spring that is remarkably similar to the Chitungwiz's hole, which is trying to fight, which carries an intolerable material thrown out of the guts of people after the digestion.

The fact is, when Jah Prayzah is doing something because he is probably the artist of the moment, a moment that actually lasted for some time, many people would like to analyze and issue a verdict based on their opinion. And everyone is entitled to their opinion without being charged with shaking fruit from trees in private orchards.

Jah Prajas's music has always been like the ugly growth that shines when the baby grows. You can not judge it after one listening, one week or a month. Last year, he released the lyrics in his & # 39; Ndini Ndamubata, who actually sounded like a fearsome fool. Still, the song became a refugee hit.

Now people are analyzing his material even more because he has had a number of hits and mistakes.

"Angel O", "My Lilie" and "Ronica" are examples that were enough to be taken to the International Criminal Court in The Hague for crimes against art.

Yet he also had a number of beautiful interventions to get some relief for his crimes.

If nothing at all, the fact that many people are discussing Chitub is a good sign. If the album was released by someone other than the JP, it would be put into the basket and people should continue their everyday life. The truth is, he barely has silly interventions, and that can be the ultimate fate.

But no matter how chaotic Jah Prayzah gets, he raises an analysis because he is a strange artist who has given people hits in the past.

Look at this as follows: If the plaintiff returns on the road, people will be disgusted, they will not seek his vomiting twice, and will be totally horrified.

But this is Jah Prajža, who has been reversed. He is the king.

And when the king vomits people, he starts his fingers with his vomit and says, "Well, he was vomiting.

It's bad, but it's not bad, because oats and shrimp are vomiting. Oh and look, there are also prawns and caviar! "

No matter how bad Jah Prayzah performs, he always has an enduring culture of a group of followers who will undoubtedly be at hand to defend him and listen to his things regardless of quality.

In fact, a group of believers tried to argue that the "Chitubu" is great because the video for "Dzamutsana" was seen more than Winy D & # 39; Paper-bag & # 39;

A person with any gray matter between the ears will know that watching something does not match that they support it as good. Since the beginning of time, Satan has come into contact with trillions of people. It does not become popular among people simply because he has been involved with us, including Christ Himself!

At the end of everything that is said and done, "Chitubu" is like Marmite. You can either love it or you absolutely hate it.

And to answer the question whether Chitub is good or bad, the answer is that this is a question that will never have a consensual response.

If you like it. If not, such as Johnnie Walker, you will keep away from him. It's so simple.

I got it? I will continue like Johhnie! The Herald.

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