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How can a peeling foot peeling mask DEALBOSS

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BUY: 50 percent of the four Pur-Feet Healing Kit boxes with free shipping

Just in time for Mother's Day 2019, serious pampering comes with a big drop in prices.

A pedicure can cost up to $ 100, while a scrub leg can run $ 70 – and that's just for one treatment. DIY spa solutions I have today score you four treatments for $ 25.

If you haven't seen foot scrubs or foot masks (like facials, but more like a pedicure), they're everywhere! Dermatologist and podiatrist have talked to me about today's business a few months ago and I've been using it since then.

Yes, as a guy and father who is on his feet all day long, I use a foot mask to peel off, moisturize and pamper my legs. The best products such as Pur-Feet, the "step", further reduce and eliminate the leg bacteria.

I've finished a few months of foot mask and here's my knowledge. I was impressed when I saw myself peeling. Yes, dead skin and other unsightly findings that would be removed during the pedicure will disappear while your feet are cozy and loved.

Unlike competing products, Pur-Feet exfoliating masks are also built so you can walk while luxury spa treatments go to work. Place one sock on the left leg, the other on the right side and be pleasantly shocked by the impact (and savings).

Click the play button to see my new favorite product for happy and modest legs!

What you should know about it Pur-Feet store:

  • It gently peeles calluses and dry spots
  • Moisturizes dry skin
  • Rejuvenates new skin
  • It provides the benefits of pedicure and spa scrub at a fraction of the price
  • Makes legs softer and smoother
  • Box contains left and right socks
  • Includes 4 boxes!

BUY: 50 percent of the four Pur-Feet Healing Kit boxes with free shipping
It was: $ 49.99
Now: $ 24.99

*** This is the leg of rejuvenation and peel. Your leg is peeling off. This dermatologist tested and approved product is designed to help your feet peel off just as you should during a microdermic pedicure.

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