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I hope Mithali will stop the extortion and pressure of the coaches: Powar


Ramesh Powar accused Mithali Raj of

Ramesh Powar accused Mithali Raj of "extortion and pushing © Getty coaches

Indian coach Ramesh Powar has accused Mithali Raj of "extortion and pressure of coaches", which has resulted in a team breakdown during the recently concluded T20 World Caribbean, a 10-page report written by BCCI Director General Rahul Johri and COO Saba Karim.

"I hope Mithali Raj stops being blackmailed, pushes out coaches, and stops focusing on interests rather than teams," Powar wrote in a report. "I hope she looks at a bigger picture and works to improve Indian women's cricket."

The report contains Powar observations of each member of the team. However, almost half of them are reserved specifically for Mithali. She even accuses her of having her own selfish interests.

"(She) ignored her role and departed for her own milestones, a lack of momentum that exerted pressure on other plates," he added.

She also realized she was allowed to open innings against Pakistan just because of selector pressure, something Mithali had previously mentioned that her resort was concerned when asked to play in the middle order.

"Against Pakistan, to save a positive team environment, we opened up with Mithali Raj because of the pressure on travel choices and Mithali's terrible behavior (retirement) to get home if they did not give us a chance to open inning," Powar wrote.

"After the match in Pakistan, she moved with her attitude to become a group of selected players who surrendered in the team. As a head coach, I was very disappointed and grieved to see the legend of splitting the team into two groups."

Earlier on Tuesday, in Mithali's letter to Johri and Karima, she mentioned her problem with the coach and the indifferent treatment she had received from him.

Excerpts from the Powar Johri and Karim e-mail communications that Cricbuzz received

"Mithali Raj – Team Leader. Minimum entries for team meetings are not the only word of the rating after finishing at the top of the table.

Can not understand and adapt to the team schedule. Ignoring her role and firing her own miles. Lack of momentum that caused further pressure on other plates. She worked really hard as a coach who dealt with her strength, hitting skills and ran between the gates in almost every session.

In practice, she tried to fire quickly because the gates were low and slow. Intent was missing. Can not lean and perform shots because of limited ability in skills and fitness.

We wanted most of the performance to be played, as the most important stage of the match (due to the slow play) was a big strength with a hard ball and it was a challenge to play against the inverters.

It was logically transferred to her that she would be in the middle rank and also agreed. (Before New Zealand)

Mithali's lack of intent to make a quick move into practice has prompted us to open up with Taniya Bhatiya (in the first league match against New Zealand), who has always shown his intention every time he's fired. We used Taniyu and Hemlathu in Powerplay against New Zealand, which won 24 runs in 13 balls. It's not always about milestones, team strategies and executions. (first team)

After New Zealand we had a training session when Mithali showed anger and attitude, which was disappointing.

At a selective session where we chose 11 matches in Pakistan, instead of honoring the team's efforts against the New Zealand selector, he asked why Mithali did not open where I explained that I was doing most of the work, and if necessary, Mithali might be afraid of mid / lower order. Which selector is said to be open to the team or not to figure. As team leader, we convinced her to be a key player and use her experience if needed. A lot of young players look at her as a model, and her dropping will hinder the team team.

Before the Pakistani video analyst, Mr. Pushkar Sawant came to my room with the news that coach Biju George had told him that Mithali was upset that he did not change the line and did not allow her to open a match in Pakistan. She packed her bags to leave with the announcement of retirement in the morning. I was shocked to understand why? The team just beat one of the best teams (New Zealand) and Mithali Raj's legend still complains of her firing position (she agreed) and threatens to leave. (instead, he should be satisfied with the positive start of the India World Cup campaign)

I was sad and confused by my attitude. It gave me the impression that Mithali Raj came first and the team of India. I called the team manager early in the morning and discussed the problem. I did not tell the Captain and Captain the Vice President because I did not want to lose my most important match, India and Pakistan on the group stage. During breakfast on the day of the match I told Harman & Smriti that we would open and agree with Mithali. Mithali also said she opened an invasion of Pakistan.

Against Pakistan, in order to save a positive team environment, we opened up with Mithali Raj for pressure on the selector passenger and Mithali's terrible behavior (retirement) to return home if he did not get the chance to open the innings.

Against Pakistan, catching 134 with 10 runes startstart 6 overs we were 48 without losing. From the sixth to the fifteenth game Mithali played 24 balls and scored only 25 runs (without the intention of scoring fast), which hurt us at a speed. The whole team, the specially burnt unit, was confused and angry as what she was trying to achieve by reaching fifty points and not getting a team plan. (dominant position)

After Pakistan, she moved with her attitude. Create your own group of selected players from the team. As the head coach, I was very disappointed and grieved to see a legend, like splitting the team into two groups.

After meeting with Pakistan, Mithali asked me to meet me through team manager Truptha Bhattachary, whom I realized. She said that she is not a very good player for this format compared to a one day format where I believe she is the most experienced player in the team and can easily adapt as she has achieved a good one against Sri Lanka, in the ODI line. (which reminded me that the captain did not take the first 11 matches for the fatigue after firing and lost the match because all the game plans were known to her, which she did not share with Captain Harmanpreet because of her crunchy relationship). I agreed that I would be in the middle order to hear a team plan.

Still, we wanted to give her another chance to prove her ability to open a plate against Ireland in order to implement team strategies to be pursued with intentions (dominant position), but against the weak bowling attack in Ireland that scored, led the ball 50 (56 balls 51 running) and played 25 points that added further pressure and stood Smriti, Jemimah's wicket and clean run.

After the game, he again challenged the dominance plans.

After the game in Ireland, the senior player did not show interest in consulting with the team to play or rest in a very important match against Australia.

Physio has informed us that it is not available for selection due to mild fever and minor knee injury, which got back in a day (quite strange).

As a coach, I asked her to rest in the hotel to get better and quicker, but she did not listen and came to Australia, which was surprising.

When we finished the last round in Guyana, we called members of the team, including support staff, to thank and appreciate the Indian people who were present. Mithali was reluctant to come down.

After I got to the Antigua Semi-Finals, I created 2 low intensity training groups and the first group consisted of 5 players for specific skills and another warm-up team, team play and field.

Mithali was in Group 2, but she wanted to come with us in the first group. I asked her to come up with the other group to warm up and skip the team game, and figured out that the diving skills with the training stars were all in the team game. (after disbanding the team), I stayed and watched it for 10 minutes and went to the ground to see how the meeting was going to the stadium. Mr. Vikas Pandit was there to oversee the meeting. I returned with a physiotherapist to watch her bat again. After we ended up batting in the physio network and I asked her how she felt because it was her first networking sessions after a break. She replied with a nod, as if our question did not matter to her.

The day before the semifinal, as I walked towards breakfast, the team manager, Mrs. Truptha Bhattacharya, wanted to talk to me, which I wanted. she looked very tense.

According to the team leader, she received an abusive and threatening challenge from a person named Nusheen (a former player) who claimed that what you do with Mithali when she cried all night and her mother worries that Nusheen is also threatening to face the consequences.

From the panic head of the physics team, she got into her room to look at her. As team manager Mithali described, she wanted to go home because she was very upset that the coach was not interested in a legendary player like her.

She threw a lot of seizures and created chaos. The team manager and physio tried to calm her down.

Once Mithali heard it, the team manager came to me and described the whole episode, we immediately called Mr Sabu Karim (GM, cricket operation, BCCI) and informed us. Saba told us to handle this affair amicably. Saba also told us to focus on the key and important semi-finals of the World Cup.

With some time Mithali Raj shot a message on the manager's phone that he did not want to talk to a coach.

Her irresponsible behavior has made my time away because I had to talk to several players about the preparations for all the important semi-final matches that could not happen.

As I needed to prepare notes for team meetings, I took a vacation.

Mr. Biju George (field coach) received feedback that Mithali Raj was not interested in training exercises with an intensity that inhibited the intensity and pitch of the pitch. He tried to persuade her every time, but she did not improve. In matches, she could not go outside the ring or in any important positions due to poor agility and limited field skills.

I hope Mithali Raj stops being blackmailed, pushes coaches and stops his interest as a team.

I hope she looks at a bigger picture and will work to improve Indian women's cricket.

Semi-finals to play eleven – as a team management, we wanted to see the playground play in the first semifinals because it was a new pitch that delayed our selection. After the first semifinal, we were all interested in the fact that people met with a choice and decided to go with the winning combination that beat a strong team like Australia. Pitch helped fans and Anuja Patil, the rotation player played a big role in the match against Australia. The team was announced before they were fired. "

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