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Lack of space station power lags SpaceX supply

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla (AP) – A large power outage at the International Space Station delayed this week by SpaceX Run Delivery.

SpaceX was to launch the shipment on Wednesday. But the old submersible unit that was switching didn't work on the space station Monday. The six remaining power channels operate normally, according to NASA.

NASA on Tuesday stressed that the station and its six astronauts are safe. But due to the sloping solar system, shutting down SpaceX is turned off at least until Friday. NASA wants to replace the failed unit to restore power of attorney, and then send the SpaceX Dragon capsule.

The failure left the large robotic arm of the station with one functional power channel instead of two. Two power sources are needed – one as a backup – when the robotic arm is used to capture the visiting spacecraft as a dragon.

Flight regulators will use a robotic arm to replace a bad unit with a replacement, later this week, which will save the astronauts from walking on the spacecraft.

There is no rush to this van. Northrop Grumman started deliveries two weeks ago.

Solar wings collect and produce electricity for the entire space station. Any failure of this critical system can reduce performance and affect operation.

Meanwhile, SpaceX is still exploring the fiery loss of its new Dragon astronaut capsule.

Six weeks after a successful unmanned pilot's flight to the space station, the garrison was buried in flames during a ground test. SpaceX was in the process of shooting the missiles on the capsule. The April 20 accident – which occurred just before or during the firing of the launch engines – released heavy smoke into the sky.

SpaceX and NASA offered some details. But the accident will certainly delay the launch of the Dragon crew with two NASA astronauts on board. SpaceX tried for years.

The company has to perform an interruption test before the astronauts start. The dragon that flew last month was supposed to be used in this test in June.


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