Sunday , June 16 2019
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No, Intel is not planning a GPU conference next month

Intel has more humor around its upcoming discreet Arctic Sound code processor with the latest digitized stories DigiTimes and says Intel will host a conference in December to unveil the new GPU. Yeah, well, that will not happen.


I reached out to some industrial sources to scatter and see what was going on, and it does not seem to happen at all. Intel has already said it will be launching its discrete GPU in 2020, why would they be ready for a complete explanation of the Arctic Sound architecture at the end of 2018? Previous rumors revived revelations at CES 2019, but they seemed to have disappeared because Intel is holding its release for 2020.

Intel has acquired most of the talent from its own Radeon Technologies Group in the past year GPU Architect Raja Koduri joined Intel As well as Radeon marketing legend Chris Hook just a few names. These talented individuals have a tremendous amount of money in hand under Intel compared to the game cards they had in AMD to avoid the room.

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