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Priyanka Chopra reveals how her husband, Nick Jonas, first asked

Priyanka Chopra Jonas at Ellen DeGeneres Ellen Show Instagram

Priyanka Chopra will not give up when it comes to sharing information about her relationship with Nick Jonas.

In her first interview on TV from a television interview in the US since arriving, Priyanka Chopra not only revealed a few details around her wedding but also stressed how Nick Jonas initially asked her.

Chopra returns to work

Almost two months after marrying Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra returns to work.

After traveling around the world and spending time with her family, the actress is now focused on supporting her new film, It's not romantic.

On January 29, Chopra told Instagram that she would appear at Ellen's Ellen DeGeneres show.

The actress shared the image of her share in the discussion along with the description "Get ready for you @theellenshow – get tomorrow! #Isntitromantic."

Their love story started on Twitter

As in the usual fashion of Ellen DeGeneres, the talk show hostess had some urgent questions for the actress. One of these questions was how she began her romance with singer and actor Nick Jonas.

It came as a shock to many fans that Nick Jonas had wrongly sent Priyana Chopra a direct message on Twitter asking if she would be willing to meet him personally.

"In fact, he attacked me, so he did us a thousand years ago, he did me on Twitter:" I heard we should join and uh … I heard from my friends that we should meet. What do you think? I was glad, "just write to me," "Chopra revealed Ellen DeGeneres.

Priyanka Chopra revealed that when she started out with Nick Jonas, she had a show-and-tell to learn as much as possible about herself.

The actress told DeGeneres that she did not know about Nick Jonas before they walked, and Jonas knew nothing about it.

"We have shown our work to each other since we were younger – embarrassing things, like terrible things," Chopra said. "It was great, so we got to know our career."

The wedding was not big enough

DeGeneres not only wanted to know how two people started to walk, but also wanted a little insight into their rich marriages that took place in December.

According to Elle DeGeneres, Chopra and Jonas' wedding could easily be compared to a royal wedding, but the actress did not think her wedding was so high.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas | Priyanka Chopra Jonas Instagram

"It was only three days!" Mrs. Jonas said, who defended herself. "One Indian ceremony and one Western Christian ceremony and one day before the rituals – which we have on a Hindu wedding, but it was not like … most of the Indian weddings are at least thousands of people, we only had 200, which was mostly a family because we both have a giant family. "

Although Chopra and Jonas had quite few people at the wedding, the actress "revealed that her mother was upset not by all the people she knew were present.

Priyanka Chopra revealed that her mother was not a fan of maintaining an intimate wedding that caused tension between the two on her special day.

"For the Indian family and the Indian wedding, [it was small] sure, "Chopra said. My mother was so upset all the time. It was like, "I need to have another wedding for the 150,000 other people I know, how can I invite my jeweler, how can I invite my hairdresser?" So it was a whole conversation.

The actress continued, "When you have 100 people in my family … my dad, my mom's brothers, sisters, cousins, kids, it's like the whole thing."

Where was Ellen invited?

Although Ellen DeGeneres was interested in learning about Priyanka Chopra's wedding, the talk show hostess was a little offended because she was not invited to a rich event.

DeGeneres has known Nick Jonas for years, and even letting you rent a flat. So of course she was a little wounded because she was not sent an invitation.

Priyanka Chopra made the record straight that she actually invited DeGeneres but did not respond to the rsvp.

"We were so offended you did not even answer our invitation," Chopra said sarcastically. "That's so true! I was glad:" Are not we good for Ellen? Will not go to India? Still not responding? Nick, you had such a good relationship with her … "I was honest, honest, but I'm just a wife I do not know …"

Ellen DeGeneres leaves the missing invitation to her, and she is really happy that Chopra and Jonas bind the knot.

Priyanka Chopra has revealed many things Ellen Show but one thing we knew from the beginning was how much he loves and loves Nick Jonas.

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