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Russian anti-gay orthodox mogul boiled in a huge pot, shares VIDEO – RT Russia News

A man sitting in a massive copper pot over a burning fire may sound like a gloomy fairy tale material. But it's actually one Russian fundamentalist entrepreneur on YouTube channel content.

The man in the pot is a scandalous Christian tycoon of German Sterligov himself. He explained in the shots that it was a great way "treat various diseases. Just sit and kick." The recipe for healing stew that the entrepreneur cooked contained herbs and lots of salt.

Sterligov is very proud of his pot, which according to him is 200 years old and made of genuine copper, "It's not modern, made using harmful chemicals." A vessel hung on massive chains that seemed strong enough to hold the dragon from the Game of Thrones could boil 500 liters of water, boasting.

The video was apparently shot at the Sterligov ranch outside of Moscow, where the businessman who gained wealth after the fall of the USSR, retreated when he was tired of life in the city.

He said he had no intention of keeping the healing pot for himself and called on everyone to come and bathe. However, he pointed out that only one patient could be admitted per day because the pot disinfection lasts for hours. Sterligov did not reveal the cost of the procedure, but he had previously made headlines for selling a simple loaf of bread for $ 10 since it was made from t "ecologically clean" ingredients from his farm.

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The entrepreneur follows and reports a fundamentalist version of Russian Christianity, rejected by the Orthodox Church of the country. He is also known for his anti-gay views, with the Sterligov Farm Shops door previously run famously equipped with explicit signs of warning that homosexuals would not be served. Also in sale, rods were physically punished by poorly working children.

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