Sonny Bill Williams says another serious boxing affair will be with Paul Gallen and he believes he will be comfortable

Sonny Bill Williams in a black suitcase, Paul Gallen in blue.

It's a high profile we've been waiting for years.

But William's last comments could only bring him to reality.

New Black Star All Blacks is preparing for a charity fight in Sydney on Saturday night called "The Banger Under The Hanger" against Sophie Monk's love interest in Bachelorette Stu Laundy.

But talking to Fody Sports Cody Kaye, he looks for a "really serious fight" with Captain Cronulla Sharks.

Heavyweight that claims to win in a gallop.

"If I felt good, he had a good campaign, I could defeat him and beat him comfortably, I have no doubt about that," Williams said.

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Paul Gallen, when he fought against Anthony Watts.
Paul Gallen, when he fought against Anthony Watts.Source: News Corp Australia

He then mocked Gallen, saying it was a "sad" top for the 37-year-old he would take him to the ring.

"I did not lie at night at night and I thought," What is Paul doing? What is he eating? Is it training? How does it do on the boxing scene? "You know I'm just a passionate boxer fan," he continued.

"Sometimes I think he does it for me," what does he do? Who Fights? What is he saying? "

"I feel a little sad when someone is brothers when it's like a boxer to get into a circle with me if it's his ultimate goal.

SBW would still fight with Gallen

SBW would still fight with Gallen


"Time tells you if we go back to the circle, but if I really have a serious fight, it will be with him."

It would be easy to push and SBW knows.

"I'm a realist … I'm 33 years old now, if I went back to the ring and had another serious fight, it would have to be with Paul just because it makes sense and there's a lot of interest and not."

But first of all, he needs to be involved in reality reality television and Sydney socialite Laundy.

"We will go there and laugh a bit, but we will also understand that it is for such a great cause and that is the basic message … God wanted us to get really good money at night."

These charities include the Rev. Foundation. Bill Crewes Exodus and Auckland City.

– Watch the fight from Sonny Bill from 19:30 on Saturday at Fox Sports 506

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