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St. Patrick's Day 2019: 7 Places Where You Can Get Green Food, Drinks and Deals

Is he hungry for some Irish fare, green food, or cheap to eat this St. Patrick's Day? You're lucky: Lots of restaurants and shops offer specialties to celebrate the holiday.

Here are seven offers you don't want to miss:

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Please note that some locations may not participate in the following promotions. Please call in advance to ensure that your nearest store offers a deal.

1. Krispy Kreme Donuts

Satisfy your sweet with green gifts and get a chance to score some free food. During March 17, Green O & riginal Glazed Donuts is sold. Any purchase at a participating store will also enter you into the Golden Pass Victory Contest. Price? Ten free original glazed donuts every month for one year. To find a participating store, click here.

2. McCormick & Schmick

On March 17, participating steak and seafood chains serve up traditional Irish dishes for $ 5 each. The St. Patrick's Day bar menu includes beef and cabbage, Guinness fish and French fries, Guinness shells and beef sliders. Customers can also celebrate with a mixture of Guinness and Irish mixed drinks. To find out more and find a restaurant near you, click here.

3. Tim Hortons

A fast-food coffee and breakfast chain is indicating a holiday with a sweet menu item – Clover Donut. By March 17, you can get four packs of green heart shaped sweets for $ 4.49 in participating locations, according to Click here to find a store near you.

4. Charley

Want to add a festive touch to your favorite beer for St. Patty's weekend? By 17 March, you can take part in green beer at the participating Charley locations. Click here to find a restaurant near you.

5. McDonald's

If you're looking for a green beverage drink, take part in the McDonald's Restaurant, which sells mint vanilla Shamrock Shakes until March 24th.

6. California Pizza Cuisine

On March 17, participating restaurants offer Irish miles for $ 5 each. Click here to find a place nearby.

7. Aldi

A chain of discount stores sells two kinds of green cheese in honor of St. Patrick (but don't worry, they should look like that). According to USA Today, customers can buy Pesto Gouda and Sage Derby English cheeses for $ 3.99 at participating stores. You can also buy Aged Irish Cheddar, Irish Whiskey, Irish Cheddar with Beer at the same price. Click here to find a store near you.

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