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SteelSeries's new Stratus Duo mobile controller is here and is ready for Fortnite

SteelSeries has long been one of the biggest names in terms of phone controllers, and Stratus Duo's latest model deals with some of the biggest complaints from the last few models, adding Wi-Fi for better desktop connectivity, a starter and a rechargeable battery.

The idea is that players will be able to use a 2.4 GHz wireless connection to play games on Windows computers. Then switch the switch to Bluetooth to play something like the Android phone, the Oculus Go headset or the Samsung Gear VR headset. (It seems that iOS and Mac devices are not supported here.)

Picture: SteelSeries

In addition to enhanced internal features, the Stratus Duo is very similar to SteelSeries, Nimbus Apple TV, although with a slightly modified design. Battery life has also risen, rising to about 20 hours on the Stratus Duo for 40 hours on the Stratus XL, but that's the price you pay for not paying for the AA. (The Stratus Duo can work even when charging, so it should not be a problem.) SteelSeries has decided to continue using Micro USB for charging. That makes little sense, because most of the phones that the company expects to use will switch to USB-C, but I suppose there is always hope for the next version.

SteelSeries timing is appropriate due to this Fortnite – the biggest mobile device game that would benefit from real controllers – this week has received support for Bluetooth radios, something that the Stratus Duo fits with.

The Stratus Duo is now available from SteelSeries for $ 59.99 with the optional SmartGrip, which is available for sale within a few weeks for an additional $ 9.99.

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