Summit organizers who regulate genome condemn Chinese scientists to modify child's genetic data

Alexandra Harney

The conference organizers, in which a Chinese scientist claims to have released twin genes, denounced work on Thursday and called it "deeply disturbing" and "irresponsible".


"Even if the changes are verified, the procedure has been irresponsible and has not complied with international standards," the Organizing Committee of the Second International Human Genome Management Summit, held this week in Hong Kong, said. published online.

This statement demanded an independent assessment by Chinese scientists of He Jiankui's statement Wednesday that he used the gene therapy technology known as CRISPR-Cas9 to alter the embryonic twin genes born this month.

This is an unverified announcement that has prompted an international protest on the ethics and security of this research.

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Chinese scientists have condemned this work. The Southern Science and Technology University, where he is leaving as a docent, announced an investigation.

The Guangdong Provincial Government for Health launched on its website on Wednesday and Shenzhen City set up to investigate the case. He reports to the Chinese Clinical Studies Database that the hospital has conducted an ethical review of the project, but the hospital has denied that its Ethics Review Committee has always met to discuss this work.

He said after his presentation on Wednesday he was proud of what he did.

Presidents of the American National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and the American National Academy of Physicians (NAM) also expressed concern about the work of Jesus. Their statement was sent by e-mail Thursday, but dated on Tuesday.

"The events in Hong Kong this week clearly demonstrate the need to develop more specific standards and principles that can be agreed by the international scientific community," said NAS President Marcia McNutt and NAM President Victor Dzau.

(Report by Alexandry Harney, Edit Paul Tait)

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