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Team 17 announced Hell Hell Loose WW2 FPS

As the cycle begins again, World War II shooters are back in fashion, and Hell Let Loose is ready for the front line. Developed by the new Black Matter studio, it is a crushing, semi-realistic World War II team shooter for teams of up to fifty players on the side. There are unit classes, driving, driving or escort vehicles, and apparently a strategic layer that collects funds between matches. This is due to the early release in 2019 after the successful Kickstarter campaign in 2017 and it seems to be quite a bit of a development, as you can see on the dirty, muddy combat scene below.

From the point of view of the record, it looks more like Red Orchestra than Battlefield 5. The missiles are extremely lethal, the explosives attract the bodies to pieces, and the armor feels invulnerable until they break through the shell AP. Each team of fifty players has a commander who can issue commands via a tactical map. Whatever it is likely to depend on the type of crowd that the game attracts, in combination with whether there is any inherent reward for these orders. As described, maps are also large and complex, based on real aerial images and satellite imagery.

Being the shabby occasional bush that I am (give me regenerative shields and plasma guns every day), it all seems a bit daunting, but I can easily see the challenge for the Flare Path crowd. A realistic, larger rescue patrol of the Second World War in vast forests, over hedges and on small-scale farms is something that has recently been dealt with. The range of conflicts – fifty players per side – is also interesting. Easily possible in the era of combat roles, but I'm interested if they can feel cohesive when Battlefield feels wild and messy with just 64.

While Black Matter and their publishing team 17 are not ready to give the date yet, Hell Let Loose should begin in the new year on time. You can find it here on Steam.

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