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The rate of HIV infection is the highest in Eastern Europe, says the new report – Europe

More than 130,000 people were newly diagnosed with HIV in Eastern Europe last year, the highest rate in the region, while the number of new cases in Western Europe declined, global health experts said on Wednesday.

The countries of the European Union and the European Economic Area recorded a 2017 cut in prices, mainly due to a 20 percent drop in 2015 from men who have sex with men. This left Europe's overall growing tendency less steep than before.

Altogether, nearly 160,000 people have been diagnosed in Europe with the human AIDS virus, according to the ECDC and the World Health Organization (WHO) regional offices for Europe.

"It's hard to talk about good news before another year of unacceptably high numbers of people infected with HIV," said Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO Regional Office Director. She urged governments and health officials to acknowledge the seriousness of the situation and urged them: "Increase your response now."

United Nations Against AIDS UNAIDS warned in July that satisfaction had begun to suppress the fight against the global epidemic and the pace of progress that did not match what was needed. Approximately 37 million people in the world are infected with HIV.

The WHO European Region consists of 53 countries with a combined population of almost 900 million. Approximately 508 million live in the 28 Member States of the European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The Joint Report states that one of the reasons for the persistence of HIV in Europe is the fact that many people infected with this virus are diagnosed late, which means they are likely to have already transmitted it and are also at an advanced stage of infection. It also found that men in the European region suffered disproportionately from HIV, with 70% of new cases of HIV diagnosed in 2017 occurring in men.

Since the onset of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, more than 77 million people have infected the world with HIV. Nearly half of them – 35.4 million – died of AIDS.

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